Tuesday, September 30, 2008


Hockey game tonight!!! wooo hooo I cannot wait! Men on skates + ice = wonderfulness

Does that make me very Canadian?

Other than that I don't have a whole hell of a lot to say today. Work is busy, but I'm distracted, as usual.

Other than that, I am majorly sleep deprived, however my photos are all done. And maybe if you're lucky I'll post a couple.

Technodoll, this is how I do everything I have to do, I don't sleep. Except for naps on the weekends. That explains all, including my stock in under eye concealer....

Ok back to work and my job of daydreaming and looking like a glass of wine :)


Technodoll said...

Who doesn't love wine :-D

I would love to go to a hockey game, only I can't afford it. No nosebleed seats for me...

Vegas has never been to a game, either. hmm. I might have to scrape some funds together :-D

Mmmm. sleep. I love sleep...

myself said...

Yeah. And just a few minutes ago he told me he'd like some wine.


These tickets are free....friend got them given to her...and I'm reaping the benefits of being a good bud yanno!

Technodoll said...

Now I am utterly jealous. Reeeerrr!