Monday, September 15, 2008

evening calm-down

Well today was a busy one at work, concerning which I have no objections, that makes me happy does being busy.

I actually didn't konk out, but right about now I'm thinking on the idea. But I have to cook myself something to eat, think I'll have eggs of some description, and need to cook some soup.

Well I don't need soup, but I want lentil soup. Had some the other night and it was yummy, so I want some now.

I am photographing a concert on Friday night, Melissa Ferrick, with the Andrew Ripp Band opening. Looking forward to it. (me and the indie artists!). My new website has proven useful, since having it up and running, I have gotten every photo pass I've asked for.

Also have a gig photographing a friend's band, they need a shot for their poster, I have a few ideas, and the unofficial band leader and I seem to agree on it. I like black & white.

For some reason I'm looking forward to work tomorrow.

Ok back to lentil soup!


Elisabeth said...

Wow, busy, busy, busy!

myself said...

I love being busy...some people say I'm running away from being single (that would be those that don't understand that while it's lonely I do like being on my own), and wanting to do EVERYTHING my little heart desires in terms of hobbies. And I love my photography.....

Technodoll said...

How was the soup, miss busy-bee? :-D

myself said...

soup was amazing, lentils, carrots, tomatoes and the piece de la resistance being chorizo sausage, can I hear a YUMMMMM????