Sunday, September 7, 2008

weekend hell?

Yeah so it's the weekend.

Big frickin deal.

Except for being off from work, what makes it different from the rest of the week exactly?

I do nothing, I go nowhere, I see no one that I really care to see.

More of the same.

What else is new?


Technodoll said...

I'm getting worried about you :-( Maybe you need to meet the beanies to cheer you up??

myself said...

Just tired of constant brain pain. And when I have said brain pain, the realization of how alone I am (with all 8 animals ha!), so I cry....and I HATE wasting my weekend with a migraine...

Technodoll said...

Nobody would be happy under those circumstances. Sigh. You need to hire a hot poolboy, even if you have no pool... *grin*