Wednesday, September 24, 2008

all praise hump day

Not much to tell at the moment, busy as shit at work, got a few new clients, go me! Finally, was starting to feel extrememly ineffective for a bit there!

Did a free photography job for a friend's band. Sometimes I want to throttle people. I'm good a photoshop in terms of photo editing, when it comes to making posters etc, not so much. So I did them a favor and made a poster out of my photo....took me hours to get their logo off the JPG it was in etc etc, and now they want this bigger, that smaller etc.

Who do I whack first? Them cuz it's a free jobbie (and my photo is smashing) or myself for being an idiot?


Sometimes it does NOT pay to be nice.

Ok lunch. Cuz I'm dying here.


Technodoll said...

Oooo tough one... you always set a precedent when going into these things. Might be good to remind them "first one's free", hint hint.

Do it for the experience but hopefully they don't expect that every time, puhleeeze!

You're just being nice, don't be too hard on yourself.

Let the HotGuy do THAT! *grin*

myself said...

Well essentially it won't happen again. However I did get free advertising on the poster, my name and website.

Ooooo ahhhh...yeah HotGuy....ok I gotta go now :)