Tuesday, September 2, 2008

I don't know how I remain sane

The business I'm in. We're nuts. We move freight. My specialty is air. Our clients are for the most part difficult (and those that are we absolutely love and adore) and people ask us for next to impossible things.

21 foot long pieces into Delhi India are not something that can be moved quickly. It's quicker than ocean freight, which takes 40 days or more, but 7 days in airfreight is a long time. 10 days even longer. Three weeks is insane.

Without going into the intricacies, a shipment went wrong, and I've fielded emails and calls from India all morning. Been here since 7:30, which if you know me, is major, because I'm usually at least a 1/2 hour late for work.

I want to kill a few people, starting with the airline's Montreal handling agent. Worst part? Airline I used to work for. So I been bustin ass.

Then we lost a big shipment to our evil competitor. Yeehaw. I knew we would, but the powers that be over here always hope stupidly.

Can I go home now?

Oh. The Facebook cutie. FYI, he's been with the flu since he got home from his mother's. Apparently went online and left the computer online all day while he laid on the bathroom floor. *snort*. I still however am not sure we are going to ever get together, which is a huge shame, but the way it is.

My tarot cards keep telling me that romance is imminent.

So imminent in fact, they started tell me that about 4 months ago.

I'm still waiting.


Ok back to bustin butts and taking names and generally wishing I had a job at the local dep for the same money I get paid here (as IF!). There has to be an easier way to make a living I swear to you.....


Two Date Diva said...

Hope your day gets better and that you eventually get to meet facebook cutie!

Technodoll said...

Ooooo I feel your pain!!

"The customer is always right" but that doesn't take away the urge to spit lemon juice into their eyes.

Hey, almost mid-week already!

Now, where is that beer...

Prin said...

Good luck for the rest of the week... I hope it gets better. :(

Anonymous said...

Maybe it is in the cards for the facebook cutie!

Work. Blech. I love my job overall (or career, I should say. I don't know about the job yet) but some days are bound to be crappy.

myself said...

Diva - the day did get better and I will not meet the Facebook cutie, I torpedoe'd him

TD - customer isn't always right when they have no clue how one moves a 21 foot piece by air from Canada to India! However....it's almost over for the week, phew!

prin - it'll get better....and where in HECK did you disappear to girl?

princessb - it's on in the cards for Facebook cutie like I said before, he's been torpedo'd, deleted, whatever, if he wanted to meet me he would have made an effort by now. Fuck that. Jobs are always crappy here and there...you have to like it as a whole...luckily I do, just not days like today!