Tuesday, September 16, 2008


I've figured a few things out, or rather discovered a few things over the past week or so

1) I'm freaking shy for no reason

2) I don't mind a man being complimentary and chivalrous if I like them enough

3) hamsters bite....HARD! little bitch - I'm trying to get the baby to get used to me, up to now she's just given my fingers a bit of a nip, but she bit down last night. Ouch! See hammies are pretty blind close up and if my hand smells like food.....yeah, have to remember to wash my hands before I go to do training with her.

4) I am a fucking amazing cook and just don't do it enough

5) I need to be better with the moolah

6) I take some pretty fucking amazing photos.

7) I say fuck a hell of a lot, but we all knew that didn't we?

Yeah ok so there you have it.

I was going to take a swing dance class, but work messed that sucker up for me, what else is new. The bunch of us in the car started a discussion on Saturday which was somewhat uncomfy for me because I'm management - concerning salary - and I felt a need to defend the fact that I make more money then they do (we have salary classifications here, so they know the range of my job's salary - what they don't know is I'm close to the top of it), and why I make that much money. Case in point. Work is interfering with my dance class. They don't have that. I do, and there's nothing I can do about it.

So next semester of swing class. Piss me off.

Suppose I need to get back to work. Sigh.


Technodoll said...

The hot guy's got oggling talents! yey! *grin*

Um, I wish I earned enough money to not blog about it. sigh. Six years no raise - awesome.

Back to man-talk now... when's your date!

myself said...

Ugh money. See being alone, it's like I don't make as much as I do, which as you are aware, after the Quebec tax man has his say ain't much!

I cannot believe THAT company hasn't given you a raise in 6 years???? PUHLEEZE

Date? None that I know of. I am trying to be cool due to the fact that we do work together, and I turn into an idiot every time we're some semblance of alone (there are 130 people in my office please note - all on the same floor). I also don't want to jump a gun just in case this guy is the most touchy feely human alive, which I don't htink is the case, however, my abilities at knowing if someone's interested or not, you have to get it!

Yeah. I'm an idiot. All good :D

I mean, how does one subtly suggest interest? These are mens we're talking about, do they do subtle?

Technodoll said...

Some do, believe it or not! But I still believe in chivalry sooo... let him make a move? Then you'll know if he's got balls, in which case they are yours!

myself said...

That's my plan baby, here's hoping he gets the idea that his attentions are welcome and does something about it.

If not. Well. Too bad. Cuz he's a seriously cute, tall, nice, smart as a whip dude I'd like to get to know better.

He also makes my toes curl when he smiles at me :)

Surfergrrl said...

I hate when work gets in the way of fun classes. as if! awe, I think it'c cute you feel that way about your co-worker. those butterflies are the best part!