Sunday, March 27, 2011

last night's post was brought by angst & disappointment.

Not has changed today, but it's a bit brighter because the sun is out.

Talk to me when it goes down. :)

Sunday, March 13, 2011

my life recently in bullet form

Yes. I am that busy.

- I have to go to a baby shower this afternoon, pretend that I don't know who the father is and listen to women ooing and cooing over baby shit. I hate these things. My uterus wants to curl up & die every time.

- My dating life sucks shit, yet another pointless date in which the guy totally expresses interest after a great time had by all, then sleeps on it and decides he probably only thought I was good to sleep with (I didn't but in future I mean) but not long terms so fuckit. I don't really think I give that off seeing as I expressly make sure they know I'm not into that sort of thing, but geezus christ that's probably the 3rd time this has happened in exactly that way. Fuckit, no more. I can't be bothered with this garbage, I hate it to start with and every date makes me hate it more and want to curl up and hide from the opposite sex. I am not made for dating. I do give up. Done. Just have my little crushes and admire from afar, no more "effort" (it can't be called that because I truly do date lazily anyway, no effort expended).

- The website I shoot for folded. Yep, back to the drawing board. And it folded because there was an internal coup, 3 or so guys opened their own website and took all the contacts for PR press etc with them. I hate people. I don't have faith in other human beings anymore. I'll be starting a photo/interview/review blog in an effort to go out on my own in that regard. REgistered the domain, have a website in the works, but, you know all my spare time & such....

- Obviously you've all heard about what has happened in Japan, I work for a Japanese company, head office in Tokyo, and this has both impacted our work because of damage to offices etc, but there's going to be human damage that no one is discussing & it upset me to think about. We had a Sendai office. Were our employees on the 4 missing trains? I have no idea and it makes me sick to the stommach to think about it.

Ok I have to go buy something for the baby in question at this shower I really don't want to go to.

This is one of those moments I wish I didn't know people that procreate.