Wednesday, September 17, 2008

you had me at hello?

It's going to be a completely insane day, something has gone completely wrong already, wonderful.

Sometimes I miss this sort of insanity and sometimes I'm glad I don't encounter it that often anymore. I guess that's why I like the transport business.

So I replaced my swing dance classes with a jazz dance class with the same teacher, but different night, no more fucked up schedule, I hate when work interferes with my outside life, I think that it sucks the life out of you to be all work no fun. I like to balance my fun. It's important.

Ok. Off to straighten out a mess. Yeehaw.


Technodoll said...

*stands on pins and needles*

I'm liking this hot guy, he makes you giddy! w00t!

Messes suck... hope you got it straightened out, just in time to deal with the Bell fiasco, right?

There's a reason I've not dealt with them in over a decade. Dipshits.

myself said...

Dude makes me STUPID! Which is quite alright.

We had a conversation about the weekend. Which resulted in him saying "you're awfully busy". And then he complimented my necklace and said I was quieter than usual today and was I ok?

Maybe he's gay?

Anyway, they always decide I'm busy. All the while I'm standing there going "do it, dooooowwwwwiiiiiiitttttt ask me!"

But no dice. There's always this afternoon, and tomorrow, and the day after....god knows I already need to fill my water bottle.

Was listening to him speak to a friend on the phone (mother tongue is something other than english or french). Oh. my....