Thursday, September 25, 2008

bla diddy bla

Ok it's finally Thursday. If I wasn't driving to Wakefield for Martin Tielli & Jenn Grant ALONE tomorrow, I'd go to karaoke, but I'll just stop in to see my friend G for a G & T and come home and sleeeeeepppppp.

Today I am a total klutz. I tripped over the toes of my shoes. They're my favorite brown shoes, made in Brazil (shut up), square toed, slip ons, but I always trip over the toes (I have clown feet to start with - size 10...woot). Trying to get out of the house this morning I knocked over a container of beads for my jewellery (not good) tipped over the foot high barricade I set up to keep the dogs out of the basement (short dogs), and caught my toes on the grass whilst dragging my recycling box to the curb.

I am soooo talented.

Get in this morning to a message from my favorite agent. From Brazil. Can you hear the sarcasm oozing from that statement, because this is the most irritating person alive. I need to go ask Hot Coworker how to write "please fuck off and die" in Portugese....she deserves it I tell you!


My Habbies won a game last night, and I forgot to watch. Oops. It's only exhibition anyway, not the end of the world, but I am soooo happy it's finally freaking hockey season, bring it on. Beer & hockey. Life is so very good.

Our new winter tire bullshit law. I swear the Quebec government is getting kickbacks from the tire's hoping the tires in my basement have a snowflake on 'em or it's going to cost me about $600 to get new rubber. NOT HAPPY. I pay goddamned $250 for my registration (yes those outside of Quebec, A YEAR!), which is also due in November. Think it's also the year I get to pay my license (another $90 bones).

GACK. That's really all I can say.

Why don't they just take my entire paycheque instead of pretending to let me spend the 60% I do see?

And that's about it in the world of moi.

Oh one thing. Why the hell am I not in the Papineau riding? Cuz let me tell ya right now, Justin Trudeau wins in the "hotness" category (yes American neighbors, we're having a federal election this year too, but you wouldn't think so considering all I hear about are Barack and McCain.... and sooooo don't get me started on that subject). But then again, I thought his dad was dead sexy (Pierre Elliott Trudeau if you aren't from here). Ran into him, he must have been 80 at the time, he winked at me and smilled and I swear to you I was maybe 20 at the time and would have done the dude right there and then on Guy & Rene Levesque!

Just sayin.

Ok. I think I'll crawl back to work now.


Technodoll said...

Does that make you a geriatric bed robber? *grin*

Have HC write in portuguese "my shoe, up yours" to that wench down in bra-zil.

Thursdays should be left alone and just enjoyed as a prelude to friday, nobody needs bullshit!


myself said...

Yep. Geriatric bed robber. I feel I can tell the world about this since he's been dead forever. And truthfully I think he was maybe 65-70 at the time.

Yeah. I want everyone to leave me the hell alone so I can do my crap today.


Ok except one person, he's always free to speak with me :)

Technodoll said...

I'm hung over, bored and impatient today. GHHAAA!

Can I borrow your shoe? I need to hit some asses...

myself said...

Suuuuuuure, but they're my favorite shoes, be careful with 'em!

Would you like me to get a translation into Portugese for "my shoe, up yours" on your behalf? He was all ready to give me one for "please fuck off and die" til I explained I was only kidding, reached for the paper and everything....I thought he understood my humor....


Hung over. That'll be me at some point this weekend I'm sure. Too much to do, too tired, so hey, let's add some booze! Yeeehhawwww!

Lola Smiles said...

PET, eh!? woohoo!

gotta agree, wish Justin had his signs up in my riding too! :) Boo!

myself said...

Mmm yeah, not that I think any of the PM candidates should get the job (well I lean one direction more, but realistically know that we can't support what they want to do unless of course they want MORE than 45% of my salary), but if we have a hotness contest then Justin would win hands down!

Yeah PET. I do not like older guys generally but man....he had charisma, I can see why he pulled all the women he did!

adventure grrl said...

Oooo... I wish I knew Pourtuguese!!!! Great post :)

Prin said...

You have to renew your license every year now. Yey!

The guys in my riding are fricken creepy. Justin's a little too arrogant for me though...

myself said...

adventure grrl - I wish I knew Portugese too, but Hot Coworker makes me speak to him in French...that's a subject for another day!

prin - now I didn't say I wanted Justin to speak, in fact, very much like Matthew McCaughnahey (or however you damned spell it), I'd like him mute. Just look at him :)