Friday, September 12, 2008


I won't be around much this weekend, so I'll attempt to blog maybe Sunday, but with my schedule I'm expecting that I'll be unconcious by that point....booo!

Tonight, dinner with friends, out to see other friends play with previous friends, then tomorrow off to Odderblah for the plane pull (go TEAM!) ooooogling of hot men's butts, then home, quick shower get ready, to a friend's party with another friend (appearance only) and then out to see a U2 tribute band at Hurley's downtown (have I mentioned I hate U2? the things I do for friends), and then Sunday morning I have my 10 km walk for the Heart & Stroke Foundation which I will NOT do if it's pouring because I seriously object to being wet in any way shape or form (if it doesn't involve sex that is, and seriously, it's me, we know it doesn't involve sex!).

And..........then I pass out.

I seriously need to cook some meals for quick reheating for the week, but I know that ain't gonna happen.

Good thing I enjoy yogurt and green peppers.

This is why my personal trainer from hell says I'm not getting enough protein.

Unless he's planning on coming over and cooking for me this weekend, he can fuck off. I'll drink those stupid hemp protein shakes (this girl can't have whey, and I drink 'em with soya milk, oh yay me) and live with it til I'm conscious enough to make food.

Next weekend. After photographing a few concerts.

Why do I do this to myself.

So. I'll be checking into your bloggies, but as for mine, you may only get a snippet.

And I'm snippy. It's the cold + too much to do.

And lack of sex.



Technodoll said...

Sniff - you'll be missed, but I understand... work comes before fun, bla bla bla.


Don't pull a muscle and come back in one piece, please!

Surfergrrl said...

sounds like you got a busy schedule there missy! oh, and email again if you have my email address still. i have a few details that might make you giggle. :)