Sunday, September 21, 2008

the kids

Well seeing as Technodoll asked, here's a photo of one of my hammies, this is Mabel, she's very friendly. Emmy won't dare let me touch her she turns over on her back and hisses at me. Or bites me. Yeehaw.

Also included is a lovely shot of Tama...the cat. Or Tamalamadingdong as I call her frequently.

And this is Bungee. Or beastie from hell as I like to call him

This is Iggy. He likes to burrow. Loves it actually, his favorite pastime.

And this is Vince.

Happy now? Only ones missing are the turtles Speedy & Gonzales, and Emmy the finger biting hammie.


Technodoll said...

Yess! Oh I feel sooo spoiled... thanks so much for posting your babies, they are all SMOOCHILY adorable!

Now I want hamsters. Sigh.

myself said...

Ain't the hammy just adorable, she's very sweet, likes being held.

And my babies are smoochily adorable and they are all well aware!

Proud mom!

Lola Smiles said...

finally, the fur babies!


myself said...

they are cuties, but the dooogs are currently trying to all sleep on my lap.

yes. at the same time.


Prin said...

Super adorable.