Wednesday, September 10, 2008


Yes, any of you Quebecer's that read that, I mean it.

On Saturday my company have a team in this in Ottawa. I am the team captain - and I've conned a whole hell of a lot of co workers to do this.

So of course we're carpooling.


Technodoll said...

I would laugh if it was funny! But it's not, so I zippit.

Uh, so if he jumps you... what you gonna do?!

myself said...

It is funny.

So funny I could cry. This is what the universe does to me, dangles things I can't have in front of my hungry little face!

Erm. Should he jump me (which I don't think he would do...I sorta try not to look at him so he probably things I hate him), I would have to nicely explain company policy....cuz....that's what I'm supposed to do.

Please. Let me not be in that situation. I don't wanna know what I would do.

Two Date Diva said...

That sucks, but enjoy getting to sit next to him. Live in the moment.

PrincessB said...

Ergh. Workplace dating politics. Stinks.

You're pulling a plane!!! Wow.

myself said...

Well the good news is that I have a second guy in the car with us, but he'll be in back, he plans on sleeping off his drunk from the night before.

Office dating policies, well, there's a reason for it, I'm at the top, he's at the bottom (different department mind you) and it could look bad for both of us!

And yes, we're pulling a plane for United Way (Centraide to us Quebecers), first time my company has had a team, considering the aircraft is provided by another division of our company! I'm looking forward to the two RCMP teams and Ottawa Police team (RCMP - Royal Canadian Mounted Police - yummy!)

And when I say looking forward I mean to watching hot men....