Wednesday, October 1, 2008

warning: this post has hot (to me) men

Ok, call me a hocky whore. Go right ahead.

It's my favorite sport aside from Formula One car racing, and the added bonus to the action on the ice is that alot of the men are nothing to sneer at looks wise (and then alot of them are nothing to look at!).

Last night, I was 4 rows up from the ice, on the side close to the Habs (Montreal Canadiens all you non-hockey philes!) goal.

First off, Price is smaller than I expected. Somehow I expected dude to be huge and hulking.

Any way, in the area we were sitting, this is what I got to stare at all game:

First guy is the Habs defenseman Ryan O'Byrne, if I'm lucky he's 24, but at 6'6", I'll quote Technodoll and say "reer!". Best looking mug shot ever, sorry to say (got arrested in Florida early this year while probably hammered out of his skull at the annual rookie dinner).

Second guy is the Detroit Red Wings defenceman Niklas Kronwall (I like defencemen, they have nice asses due to skating backwards all the time....NUFF SAID!).

Ok now even if not a hockey fan you can see the benefits of a hockey game right?


Hockey whore.

I can stare can't I? Or drool as my girlfriend I went with said!

I'm hoarse from yelling (yes, I'm a hockey screamer), and we had fun with the guy next to us that was a Detroit fan (they're my 2nd fav team behind the Habs, so last night was all good for me).

I know it's just an exhibition game, but props go out to Max Pacioretty, if the kid isn't put onto the roster this year, then Guy Carbonneau has been having vodka in his Shreddies all summer (another hot man...but in a different way....yummers). That kid is fast and scored one of the best goals I've seen in a long time, defencemen all over him mid air bung into the goal, it was a thing of beauty. And he was named a star. A photo of the child just post goal just cuz (I think he's all of 19).

And now back to my regular programming :D


Technodoll said...

Hockey Whore!


Are you sure HC doesn't play hockey? cuz you can imagine the carnage if he did... reeeerrr!

Oh I am so evil.

myself said...

oh lord....remember, he's from South do soccer big time and car racing down there. I can imagine the carnage if HC was on skates....oh my...and not good carnage...trial of the Quebec healthcare system carnage! muahahahaha