Tuesday, May 26, 2009

mmkay then

So let's get this straight now everyone.

Four men, down to no men.

It's been a fun couple days let me tell you.

Add into that a pissed off Trouble Friend, and it's been OH SO wonderous.

Actually, I've become closer to a mutual friend of Troubled Friend and I, and it's been great. We have bonded over our common irritation and frustration. It's a good thing, we go out, and we have fun together.

Anyway. The men are definitely down to zero, but this is me, and why is that a surprise I ask you?

I just hate men that profess interest (apparently to their best friends and girlfriend) and then run away. So much respect oozing out of me for men that are like that. Yep.

So sarcasm is the name of the game today. As you can tell.

I have a million things to do tonight, I should be gardening but f*ck that, editing, I'll get there, cleaning (yeah right), and generally taking care of things that I haven't managed recently. But, I can't manage.

I also have to get to bed early tonight (which is really hard for me to do at any time) because I'm off to Ottawa for work tomorrow, have to meet 2 colleagues at work at 7 am.


I don't get up until after 7 am. That's gonna be some fun tomorrow moring.

Anyway. I don't have alot to expound upon today, I just can't sit still long enough, I also have to get working on some songs, I have another gig coming up.

I have given up on the mens thing obviously, because it just doesn't bother me. Is that bad? geez.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

This n’ that

Ok, so the mens are just *there* as in, people I wouldn’t say no to if I got asked on a date.

Further flirtation with the Upstairs Geek. He was asking me about work etc. How we’re doing, how they’re doing. Local musician I know used to be an exec at his company, so I mentioned I know him. I shall FB this dude later and find out some deets if I can. Or ask the guy who used to work there.

Otherwise, nothing. Two of the guys are backburner types. As in, I don’t feel the possible interest is enough.

Yeah. I’m being picky.

Troubled Friend “ignorance is bliss” tally is almost at 48 hours. I blocked her from all possible chats to keep myself sane. She hasn’t called, texted or anything. And apparently hasn’t asked about me either. Not really sure what’s up there, but a mutual friend who is also highly irritated told me she talked to her last night and she’s very “self-focused” (well DUUUH) but my name was never mentioned. Yay. Best I could hope for.

That’s a good outcome. And seeing as no one else of our common friends is irritated with me, my ass is nicely covered.

Praise god.

Two photo gigs tonight & tomorrow, friend’s band, SPCA, yep it’s one of those weekends again. God I’m tired.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Lots of mens!

Ok so it’s spring, and with spring, brings a hell of a lot of horny people (sorry, I had to say it, Rebecca if you get arrested over there in China, I apologize!).

It’s been 4 years (gack) and I can definitely be considered amongst the randy. However, as we all know, I have my standards and am not just going for anyone!

But hey, for once in my godforsaken love life, I have me some definite possibilities!

PK for one – my friend who moves back end of this week

Big Dude – the best friend of my friend’s significant other

Guitar Exec – I haven’t mentioned him but he’s popped out of the woodwork, friend of Jam Flirt interestingly enough, had another friend allude to him expressing some interest. I just though he was being nice. Good guy, so I wouldn’t say no.

Upstairs Geek – dude that works upstairs in my building. We flirt frequently, and said flirting has ramped up quite a bit, we usually run into each
other in the coffee shop downstairs and chit chat a lot. Interesting.

I seriously go through life assuming no one is interested in me, so I guess this realization that someone might be is astounding, I’ve been single for so damned long.

Will any of the above happen? Probably not. But at least it’ll be fun finding out. I just can’t stress over this stuff, and certainly after seeing what happened with my Troubled Friend and the mens she’s completely alienated/freaked out etc…I just don’t have it in me to get all upset about anything anymore.

They like me more because I’m easy going and approachable. I think I’ll just accept that I’m no beauty queen, but I’m fun, intelligent, and all sorts of things some guys find appealing for some reason (I’m not for everyone due to my forthright manner!).

And that’s my little affirmation for the day.

Apparently I am good enough to have interest in. Who knew?

PS Bear with me. 4 is alot for me!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009


Well, as you all may or may not have noticed, I've been nowhere to be seen yet again.

Seriously, I don't do it personally.

This weekend was f*cked in the best sense of the word, Friday was just the beginning of a weekend of frustration and anger on my part.

First off, my satellite PVR isn't working. Someone will die if I can't record Eastenders, Law & Order, etc etc etc.

Secondly. The Troubled Friend. She's making me lose my patience. Best thing is, I'm not the only one.

Three (count 'em) three of our mutual friends have just about had it with her.

Case in point. Friends want to meet for lunch this week, personally, Friday isn't always good for me, tends to be busy in my industry. So I said either or, but Thursday was better.

She apparently had a bit of a tantrum, nose out of joint because she can't make it Thursday. And god forbid she not be able to make it to something because of work.

So it got moved to Friday. To please her.

Add this into what happened this weekend, and I'm done.

The weekend. I had contacted my friend that I met the dude a few weeks ago through. Asked her if she and her boyfriend were going out, and was fishing to see if the Big Dude was going out also. Troubled Friend has been ill all week. Very ill. So between our friend and I we decided we'd leave it until Friday to speak to her about Friday. And I emailed her our plans.

Well, then she pulls this "you HAVE to let invite me even if I'm sick" the minute I walk in. Find out she blasted my other friend. Then another friend turns up and ends up blasted also. Boyfriend of first friend comes in and he hears about it.

I swear to you.

I have



Btw the Big Dude never showed.

Same goes for Sunday.

Repeat above. Except that she heard Big Dude might show up and started looking smug and self-satisfied and preening like a peacock.

Note friend's boyfriend, best friend of Big Dude told ME that he was possibly coming out. Not her.


Is it me?

I really don't think so. And my patience is really at it's end.

Time for some Kraft Dinner to fix this ill at the pit of my stommach.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

yet another gap!

Yeah I know I disappeared again, so sue me!

Busy busy weekend, Friday night dinner with my friend, then we went out to see a country band (I love country music and I will not lie!). She's been having a hard time with her boyfriend, and getting out was just what she needed.

Then last night I took some photos at a friend's gig. He's in a Beatle tribute band. Yep. Funny eh? Those photos should be interesting. Took the above friend with me, and we ended up in China Town at 2 am having Singapore noodles and chop suey... yummers. Was in bed at 3 am... ick!

Then the SPCA this afternoon, lovin' up all the bunners. I have a new kid, a hamster with a tooth problem. She's lovely. I am in adoration. Is that possible?

So Friday night. The guy that my trouble friend was so interested in that I ignored? Apparently he might be interested in me. Or is. Or I don't know. That's a very interesting development...so stay tuned. HIs best friend is dating another friend of mine, and she mentioned something about him to me the other day (he is physically totally my type, big dude....tall tall tall and "meaty" as a friend of mine puts it.

Oh. my.

Add to that the fact that we have way too much in common and get along great well...I dunno.

One can hope right?

I have a doozy of a week coming up. First thing tomorrow I'm getting my tires changed because I have to drive to Quebec City on Tuesday, for work, back and forth alone. Yeehaw. We have a presentation to a customer, and then I think I'll see another customer, maintenance visit, and then off I go back to Montreal.

I have never been to Quebec City.

You Canuks may laugh now. I'm serious. Even in school, I never went on a trip there. It's only 3 hours drive (each way, this is Canada, nothing is really close).

Anyway. That and a Sony photography gig. Yep. Interesting week, and man I'll be tired.

Off to cook dinner at this late hour. Yikes!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

jiggity pliggity....plonk.

Yeah I don't know either, I can never decide what to title these posts, so bear with my slight insanity. (slight? hahahahahaha funny that).

I'm eating Lebanese lemon garlicky chicken and kale right now. Kale is lovely, and I think I'll buy it again (amazing what you find in the sale bin at Fruiterie 4-40). And the bunnies like it too! Very important that we all enjoy the greens!

I don't have much today. Brain is filled with a million and 1 things and none of them make a hell of a lot of sense to me right now.

Dinner the other night went well, but the friend walked on eggshells with me because I was so upset about my colleague, which is a good thing, I didn't have to worry about anything that meant.

Need to ask the industrious kid down the street if he'll come do my lawn for me, it's already too long, and, with the trees my allergies are already in full bloom. So I'm going to sell my mower, really no point in having it. Bad enough I have to garden (when the sun is down that is, I'm a pale pale person).

This is the part I hate about owning a house. Oh yeah, the whole thing sounded fabulous when my ex and I bought it, I planted a veggie garden. And then I became the gardening sloth. I have no interest, so I buy perennials on sale, bung them in the ground, weed once a year and scatter cedar where the plants are and voila! I never look at it again except for an errant weed or two.

I hate the crap that goes along with a house. I really do.

Ok so now I'll stop complaining.....

Which means I have nothing more.


Nothing new on my friend PK...haven't heard from him in a few days, but he says the ocmpany has realized how he's only there a few more weeks, and they've got him working his teeny arse off.

Other guy from Friday I heard from once. And that's really about it.

Ok back to work. Woo. Not. Can't want to today.

Monday, May 4, 2009

sometimes life is sad

Got terrible news today.

Colleague, had a stroke. She's maybe a couple years older than me. Early 40s. I am devastated.

She is the nicest, happiest person, active, fun-loving...and this happens.

She's unable to speak, and paralyzed down one side of her body. Currently under sedation at our big neurological hospital here, her blood pressure is dangerously high.

So I went to the birthday party. Sucked it all up post-SPCA and went.

Life is short, be happy.

Prayers (or if you're like me, good thoughts), my colleague's direction please.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

it's been a crazy couple days

Heyyyyyy all!

Yeah I'm back, miracles, I know I know!

It all started Friday, a siezure case with the SPCA, there's bunnies running around a town outside Montreal, we got a call from a bus driver saying the bus drivers at this particular depot were upset because the bunnies were hiding under the buses, so Friday night I was hunting bunnies. To take back to the SPCA. We got 5 of them, some were injured, flesh wounds, nothing serious, but we got them and they're looking good. Although some are preggers :( Sigh. I really really hate people.

So on top of my shift today, I was there yesterday tending to the bunners, and Friday night chasing them down then tending to them. I'm tired.

Add to that the birthday of 3 friends (including the difficult one), it's been nuts. I am exhausted, and my dogs aren't completely certain who the hell I am. Don't blame them.

Cleaned the kitchen, made 2 batches of dog food to freeze, adopted 2 gerbils to a friend for his daughter while there yesterday, and saw a concert last night.

Unfortunately, the artist in question are really picky, and I wasn't able to take photos, in fact, no one did. Tragically Hip. I think even people in the US might know who they are. I have never seen them before.

Fifteen minutes into the concert and guess what? I kinda wished I wasn't there. Oh well. At least I went. And the entire time I kept looking at the lighting and the interaction between the guys in the band thinking "damn what a great photo op that would have been!" which I found very frustrating!

Ok so on the subject of my friend. We have another friend (birthday also this weekend), who has started dating a nice man we all know. He brought his best friend along with him out Friday night. My friend with the trouble was playing with her band at my local. Now this guy is tall, big, and cute, and on top of it, I found out very nice.

I knew my troubled friend was into him. So I tried to not talk to him. Except he kept talking to me, and we got along really well. I had just gotten in from bunny chasing, figured I'd make an appearance and have a drink. He and I ended up chatting, finding out how alike we are in terms of our beliefs in animal rights, how we would behave with the owner/abuser (let me tell you, the guy who let the rabbits go into the wild kept following us around and I kept avoiding him, or I would have done something), musical tastes, favorite brand of guitar etc etc etc, we got along really really well...and she kept looking at me with daggers. Until this famous musician we know showed, then she stopped giving me those daggers, because we all know he's into her and he paid her the attention she so craves.

Wait til she finds out the guy added me to his FB. Oi. I can't wait for that discussion.


So tonight it's dinner for them (the Taureans),...I'm at the SPCA all afternoon, which tires me to start with, and then I'm supposed to rush home, and then rush out to the restaurant, where it will be all about her. Not sure I can manage this right now. Truly, I would love to go, but I just can't

I'll play it by ear and then decide. I have no options.

And on that note, get dressed and back out to the SPCA. Poor bunners, they need all the love I can give them.