Saturday, September 27, 2008


To anyone remotely worried , I'm here. Yes it's almost 2:30 am...that would be due to being stuck for almost an hour on the Ile aux Tourtes bridge in Vaudreuil, due to a jacknifed truck, I wonder if due to the ASSHOLE in the pick up truck that passed me around exit 26 in Hudson.

Pissing rain and dude is cutting me and others off doing 140 kmh (that's about 87 mph to you guys in the US). Idiot.

I hate people.

Anyway, concert was lovely, even if it did start very late, and at some point I'll get my photos edited and I'll write more tomorrow.

Bed with me.....later.


Technodoll said...

That last line got me choking on my coffee! Are you moving in for the kill? :-D

Happy you're home safe and sound, that was nasty shit last night. Brrr.

Take it easy today?

myself said...

Ahahaha I'd love to move in for the kill, however....I'm sorta just happy the way it's going along, me a puddle of muck and being paid attention to. I need someone else to make all the effort now...and I am pretty much ok with the sit-back-and-wait-and-see method.

I'm now going to bed. I relabeled and moved 3000lbs of ammo at our warehouse yesterday, I hurt and I've only had 4 hours sleep.