Monday, September 15, 2008



I'm alive. Seriously. I am.

It's also 1:30 am and I'm blogging. This is what snoozing does.

I did NOT do my 10 km walk due to the rain I woke up to. I object to muddy/wet feet, always have, always will....I'll get blisters and not be able to get half way thru the walk.

They got their moolah, and my feet are ok, that's all I find to be important!

So. Tired from yesterday, it was horrible waking up this morning. But all had fun I think/hope....

I took a whole whack of photos, looked at them all today.

I will share one thing with you though, and that is this:

Yep. That's an Ottawa police officer.

I have many other photos of more of 'em, but this is the only one without a face. Cuz, you know they'll be pissed and come arrest me if I post photos of 'em.

Alrighty. I really should go to bed. And I'm babbly because it's almost 2 am.

NOW I need to sleep.

Did ya like the picture though?


Technodoll said...

If hot coworker looks anything like that cop and his hot ass, what the hell are you waiting for woman!

I'd be sticking to my chair!


myself said... coworker doesn't look like that cop....tall, thin and not that broad...and all the opposite things I usually like as in dark dark hair, brown eyes and a bit of facial hair.

What's wrong with me?

Hey. He's fun. And I like fun. And a good sport cuz goddamnit the conversation up to Ottawa would have made a weaker man run....

Surfergrrl said...

i say go for it!! and yes, nice picture.

myself said...


Yeah. The Ottawa cops.

Got handcuffs?