Friday, September 26, 2008

tgif and other tales of stupidity


I am alive, and kicking and here. It's a miracle. I could have stayed in bed all day.

Tonight's drive should prove interesting, back and forth and side to side, all the way to Wakefield (which is Ottawa and then you drive north back into Quebec) and back again. I see 2 Red Bulls in my future (which apparently will cause long term damage to me....wooooohooooo!!!!!). Gym tomorrow morning should be special considering I won't have slept at all probably!

Wish I had company :( This is what I get for being musically adventurous!

Today Hot Coworker looks particularly hot as it's jeans day. Blue t-shirt and jeans...mmmmmmmm I'm such a slut. Actually he's been particularly aloof recently which doesn't work for me (actually not true he gave me the big grin and wave and "Hi Myself" across the's just not enough for me dammit!)

Ok I'm losing my mind.

Maybe I should get back to work. Maybe? Dumbass I am!


Technodoll said...

Just don't plan any driving this weekend with all the rain and wind that's coming.

We want you in one piece, woman!

You should get a motorcycle and call it HotGuy. You know why.


myself said...

I'm driving tonight.

And yes I should get a motorcyle. Seems to be the only action I'm due in future :(