Monday, September 1, 2008

bad bad blogger

I know I've been a super lazy blogger, and so I'm going to try to write on a daily basis at least. I usually get the urge at work when faced with something I don't want to do, and I don't get the urge when I'm down and feeling particularly negative, which has been most of this week. Particularly this weekend.

I sort of feel like all I do is whine. But I try not to burden people in real life with my excessively shitty love life (or lack thereof), so it has a tendency to come out here.

It really isn't all I think about, really, there are a million and one things that go through my mind that have nothing to do with my relationship status.

Guess it just seems to be the one thing that I can do absolutely nothing about. Seriously. Nothing.

So. In lieu of someone to enjoy a meal with, do things with, cuddle with, just spend time with, I'll sit and work on my photography website, because I plan on bagging a photo pass for Beck, and hopefully Jim Cuddy opening for Sheryl Crow (and maybe Sheryl Crow if they let me).

Cuz that's really all I've got at this point.

Back to it. HTML makes my head hurt.


Due to the above and the fact that none of my girlfriends are available for breakfast, I'm eating ice cream for brekkie. Not good for the diet. Not good for my mental state. But that's the way it's going to be peeples.


just bob said...

I feel like I whine too much on my blog too. For a period of time I stopped writing about the tough times, but felt I wasn't being true to myself and the reason behind the blog.

So I started to go with the flow and wrote what I felt. Now I just skip a day or two when I don't feel up to writing something worthwhile or have nothing but negatives.

You'll eventually find your groove and your blog will evolve into something that represents you and a chronicle of your life.

just bob

Lola Smiles said...

it wouldn't be normal if you were happy all the time! ;0

Anonymous said...

I agree with Bob and you know I use mine to vent and be negative. I try not to, but that's where it all comes out.

I too think about other things and such, but the blog is where I complain about my disastrous love life...well life in general (see, negative there ).

You don't seem overly negative to me.

myself said...

just bob - thank you, yeah I haven't hit my groove yet.

lola smiles - well, I'm certainly not normal lol!

princessb - we are our own worst critics, aren't we?

ToughGirl101 said...

dont deny the ice cream, it is the greatest comfort us women can have.

Also, I dont think there's a single person out there with a personal blog that doesn't use it to vent sometimes... i mean, it's what it's there for, isn't it? My blog makes me look way more emo than I really am.

adventure grrl said...

Don't think of "whining" - think of it as venting and also - I think people who read it, find it relatable. we're all going through the same human experience. hope u get to see beck and sheryl!

Elisabeth said...

I'm always ranting off in my blog - I am sure nobody is happy 100% of the time!