Thursday, September 4, 2008





I want a glass of wine. Like now. Maybe I will, I have about 20 bottles of it, and I so rarely drink it, like, ever. I'm more of a wine collector. *looks about whistling....*

Yeah like this bitch has a clue about wine. I know what I like, what is considered "good", what everyone else likes, I could give a flying crap.

Just came home from karaoke. At which I did NOT sing. Ungh. Just so not in the mood, haven't been for a while. Which is not me, but is truly an indicaton of where my head has been recently. Actually I'm not entirely sure where that is, but I'm sure I'll find it eventually.

I just realized that I did summer number 8 single. How sad is that?

Eight years. Wow.

And now going into Christmas number 8 single. I can feel it. Last year I sat at home alone and cried. I wasn't sure that it would be possible to be that depressed. But perhaps this year might be worse.

Oh well. Not like there's a hell of a lot I can do about it.

As all you dear readers know, I'm not the person to be running around finding some guy to fill the void (get your minds out of the gutter.....there's not enough room for my brain). And so. I'll probably spend another Christmas alone.


See. There's rhyme and reason to all the living beings in my house. They keep me total company. I loves them.

Yeah so I ran away from karaoke. All the sickening happy couples showed. And I was outta there. There's also this creepy couple that caused my friend heartache, omg it was a bad situation, they were online stalking and impersonating her. Anyway. I can't even look at them. Ever. Bastards. They show and I'm gone. I know it's not my fight, but I know I have no respect for these creeps.

So I'm home blogging and working on my website, watching Grey's Anatomy. Ah my life.

So exciting.


Elisabeth said...

Yeah, being single is pretty damn crap, my darling.

myself said...

That it is. I'm getting tired of it. There are aspects I love, but man, society really does make you feel like a loser when you're single.

And I am NOT a loser, this I know for sure.

Technodoll said...

You can always come have some holiday dinner with us and the doggies, you know... Melonhead has a pretty nice cuddle ;-)

Hope you're having a better Friday than yesterday, moochy couples when I'm down just turn me murderous.

myself said...

Today is lovely and yet dragggggggiiinnnnnnnggggggg seriously could it go slower?

I have creatures waiting for me at home, things to do, geez, can't they just let me go home NOW? :D

PrincessB said...

I think the singles should all have dinner at TD's house. I'm sure she and Vegas won't mind...right? ;)

myself said...

Oooo now there's a great idea!

Technodoll said...

Only if you brink cake!

mmmm cake. :-D