Friday, September 5, 2008

really? not even 3 yet?

I'm stuck in this place for another 2 hours 10 mins. Someone shoot me in the head please.

I have a migraine, I am starving hungry (we had a corn roast, but one hotdog without bun and an ear of corn isn't enough for me....) and the wind outside the office is scary.

Also, I got up at about 7:30, walked the dogs, and it was freaking cold out. Now, forecast was for 39 C - but I figured "ok it's cold" so I wore jeans and a 3/4 arm length t-shirt.

It was SWELTERING out there.

Probably the cause of the migraine also.

Friends. I'm tired of them. I have good ones. And I have some that I'm not very happy with and am wondering if I should relegate to "aquaintance" status. One trying to make me feel guilty about missing her birthday party next week (which is more than a month before her birthday I may note) and the other doing everything she can to make me feel inadequate because I'm still single and she's not.

Do I really need this shit?

I have a newer set of friends that are fabulous, childless and my age (which really does work for me) and just as fun and irreverent as I am. I say newer because most of them I met thru a woman who I met when I was about 19...when she was first here from Northern Ontario. We sort of rekindled a friendship and have been having a blast ever since. She's a musician, an artist, and I can really get down with that with my personal love of all arty & musical.

So, I'm thinking, perhaps drop these other two. One of them is always hanging with a sister that absolutely hates me, so that's not an option.

Ah life. It's so much fun.

Interpersonal relationships irritate the crap out of me sometimes. Why can't people just be laid back like I am? People say I always say what's on my mind too much, seriously...wouldn't that make life so much easier? Because chick stuff? Not so much.


PrincessB said...

Women can be more trouble than men sometimes. Sheesh. High maintenence.

Lola Smiles said...

that's why my best buds are usually the furry kind! ;)

Technodoll said...

He he. I'm all for verbal diarrhea!

And friends are supposed to make life better, not worse. So get the dump truck and put it into high gear :-D