Thursday, September 4, 2008

white gnashers & hammies!

Ladies, germs, thanks to Technodoll, I am now doing this trial for the Whitening Listerine Strips, and you know what? They're kinda good!

I have never used any of those things, except toothpaste before, so I had no idea what to expect and frankly they're not that bad at all, taste isn't horrible, they're gone within not too long, and easy to put on (once I figured it out, cuz, if you put the top strip on, you start your saliva glands going and what happens then is that the bottom one gets stuck to your lip or rather anything but your teeth, in my case that is - I'm an idiot, it's ok, I'm aware).

So I have nothing to base my experience on except to say that I think they worked. Almost after the first day.

That's good right?

Anyways....if you clickey clickey on the above link you can get some samples yourself, and try 'em out and then let me know what you guys think!

I love free stuff, and I like trying new things, and these are quite easy, none of the paint stuff involved (I don't think I have the patience for that, or I'd end up with really nice white lips and nose....again, I'm an idiot, it's alright, I'm good with it!)

Ok enough with me being an idiot.

So I ended up not getting only one, but 2 hamsters. One is 8 months old and she is SWEET, I mean really sweet, loves being held, just thrives on it, and the other is about 4 months old and isn't quite so thrilled, but will become so and looks like a little mouse. Cuties.

So I now have 8 animals.

Yep. You read that right.

2 are rodents, 2 are reptiles, but 8.


Good thing I own a house eh?

Photos to come when they've moved into new digs, the older one needs a bigger house than I have for her, and a bigger wheel, so I think deluxe multi-level houses are in order for both.

Oh and I could have come home with everything from the SPCA and cried on my way out and all the way home.

Yeah. Now you know why I have 8 other residents in my home.


Technodoll said...

I start the Listerine thing this weekend... looking forward to the goo :-D

As for the SPCA, I don't know how you do it... I almost start crying when I get within a block of the place. Sigh.

What did you name your new critters!

myself said...

They are Mabel and Emmanuelle (aka Emmy).

Upon arriving at the SPCA, my girlfriend and I saw someone with a cage going to the "acceuil" door which is where you drop off your animals and started swearing at her before we even got out of the car, hell I hadn't even parked yet. Turns out it was an injured duck that was going to be taken to Le Nichoire out in Hudson. Oops. And there were people leaving with newly adopted dogs and cats...made my heart sing let me tell you, because, I'm crying just thinking about it.

I asked the girls who were cleaning the rabbit cages (the rodent room girls) how they do it, the main volunteer says they end up with alot of the animals themselves. I generally go through another adoption organization because I know in those cases there is no euthanasia involved, but I really do think the SPCA is trying to clean up their act.

They are still a kill shelter however.

So. I saved 2 lives. My girlfriend did too. With my animal count, that's all I can do for them, as my ex husband told me when our cat/dog count was 8 way back when "honey, you can't save them all by yourself".

So true.

And so sad.

I'm a suck ass.