Wednesday, September 3, 2008

addition to the family

Cuz 3 dogs, 1 cat and 2 turtles isn't enough, I'm adopting me one of these from the SPCA tonight. Have to go shopping for a home today....very excited.

I always wanted a hamster, but my mother wouldn't let me when I was a kid. I am afraid of what will happen when he/she dies, they don't last long, I cry when fish die, but, I'd like this experience.

I'm also worried about the dogs causing this poor thing Wet Tail....which is caused by stress, think I might have to take him up to my bedroom so he can wander in his little exercise ball.....the dogs will think that ball is super interesting, and I don't want to kill him, they cause enough stress to the turtles (imagine Dachshund standing on back legs dancing around the turtle tank barking at them as they stack on top of eachother to bask in their "sun").

I figure if I'm going to be single, do it right.

Crazy cat/dog/reptile/rodent lady of Montreal.

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Technodoll said...

OK I totally missed something... I thought you only had two dogs! Or am I that bad at math...

The little critter is ADORABLE! same here, always wanted one but maybe later when retired and living at home, caring for the zoo... hope to see a photo of your new one later! wooo! So exciting and congratulations :-)