Thursday, September 11, 2008

swinging & more teeth

Blogger is being a total bitch today, am I the only one that this is happening to?


In the tale of the teeth, mine are fabulously white, so much so that I noticed when I went to apply some lip gloss this morning, they were glowing back at me. I think I drink too much coffee, so the Listerine Whitening Strips helped IMMENSELY! I think the trick is to put them on before bed, then I give them time to do their thing, and that's helped also!

Totally cool. I guess teeth that have been around 40 years (yikes) get yellowed eh? Even though mine are pretty close to perfect all on their own.

So the swinging! Last night I tried a swing dance class with a girlfriend. OMG we had fun. What was not fun was some of the men, however, some were very good or absolutely terrible - there really wasn't an in between truthfully.

A little back ground on me, I was a country line dancing teacher, advanced stuff, so dancing steps are not beyond me (envision a dancing elephant, I'm actually quite good at it). However, I'm used to dancing alone except for a few salsa classes I've taken here or there. Anyway, it was alot of fun, and if we had freaking partners, E and I would go. So we're on the list hoping a couple single men join, and E emailed every single male she knows "looking for 2 good men" to come dancing with us.

Ah. The being single thing again. Actually E isn't single, but her significant other laughed at the idea....sooooo......for all intents and purposes that makes her single for swing dance!

I'm surprised I can write this, cold #4 for the summer (it's technically still summer), I'm coming out of my NyQuil fog right now. Could have happily killed the small animal that saw fit to wake me at 6 am this morning (and promptly told him to get under the covers and go to sleep it was too fucking early). Trying an echinecea treatment this time and hoping it works, I have an insane weekend coming up. Friend playing Friday night, plane pull Saturday, friends playing Saturday night, 10 km walk for the Heart & Stroke Association on Sunday.

Then I pass out completely.

Or die.

Whichever comes first.


Elisabeth said...

I'm glad the swinging refers to a dance class!!!

Technodoll said...

Echinacea works at the beginning of a cold, or when you are feeling a bit tired and run down... I'm not sure it's of much use once you *have* a cold but hey, it can't hurt :-)

And I'm with Elisabeth on the swing thing, ROTF!

I can't dance to save my life, so kudos to you!!

myself said...

Hahahah Elisabeth, that was the plan, to may you all go "huh?"

TD - I started the echinacea at the beginning of the cold, and so far, no nose issues, sore throat gone, barking at a minimum.

And swing dancing is just a triple step, which really, anyone can do....

Anonymous said...

I tried swinging, but I wasn't very good at it.

myself said...

heh princessb....I'm almost afraid to ask what type of swinging :O