Wednesday, September 3, 2008


So. How much bitch is too much bitch?

A friend of mine says cutting Facebook not-so-cutie was probably a mistake. That I should never burn bridges bla bla bla....of course this is also the same friend that is allowing a guy that broke up with her to come back into her life and play with her heart, same person that keeps exes on her MSN for the ego boost it gives her, same friend that doesn't want to offend anyone male.

Me? I offend males often in my daily life :) It's so par for the course. No one is free of my scathing sarcasm.

But people tell me that I'm so down on men and so down on relationships that it's no wonder that I'm single. Of course, this is coming from the above mentioned man that is taking my friend for a ride (in my opinion), I am not the kind of girl that he would date, due to the fact that I am not the type to take his shit.

That being said, am I too harsh? Am I too quick to dismiss a man? I know on dating sites I have a tendency to delete most emails I get, but they're usually from the kind of man that I wouldn't date anyway - I don't want to sound racist or anything, but african american men do nothing for me, and I don't date men from the mediteranean or middle-east because that would result in a fight (I am not a very submissive woman, and my past experiences with these men resulted in fights as they tried to quash me).

And, due to my big ass, these are the men that tend to run after me.

There are others that tell me because I'm tall, because I'm overweight, that limits my possibilities.

Oh and then there's the almost 40 issue.

What's a girl to do? It's not like I'm that picky, anyone who's been here long enough has seen my list of what I want in a man, and I really don't think I'm asking too much.

Apparently the universe does.

My horrorscope today told me to put romance on the back burner that there's tonnes of time for that.

Really? I want to date next when I'm 50? Because, truthfully, I'd rather this not happen to me if that's quite alright....


I just sometimes wonder if I'm as much of a cow as men seem to think I am....but then I remember who is saying how difficult I am, and I realize that it's them, not me.

I still remain the single one however!


Technodoll said...

Honey, you just need to get the t-shirt and let the whole world know what we REALLY think. Come to think of it, I'll wear mine too. So NERRR.

Lola Smiles said...

lol, I soo want that shit! ;0