Sunday, November 30, 2008

day trippin'

So, we were off to the nation's capital yesterday, HF had never seen it, so he came along with me to a friend's house warming party, which was fun. Albeit hard to see my screwed up friend attached again, and this time to a nice woman, someone I liked alot.

We went walking around parliament, which I had never ever done myself, in my life (how sad is that), I taught HF all about black ice after he hit a patch and fell, then I hit a patch and fell (oh my aching leg, still hurts today, gronched my knee something wicked). He's done been Canadianized by hitting the ice!

I dropped him off near home (to his objections, dammit, I wanna whack him sometimes), he invited me in for a coffee, but first, I had wanted to go Park du 6 December (or whatever it's called exactly), it's been 19 years since the girl I know died, I figured I could handle it and it's right near his house.

So, he went with me, and I actually didn't cry. I'm surprised. Found her name. We said a little prayer, and that was that.

Went back to his place, he made some dinner for us, we yakked, I saw photos of his hometown, his friends, his family....his dog that he misses. Due to the talk, he figured I needed a drink, gives me this killer alcohol I can't remember the name of, it made my hands numb almost immediately...the we sat, drank beer and listened to music, ate, and yakked.

So I meant to go running today, but the knee precludes my being able to. Dammitall. I am feeling highly undesireable today, not for any reason in particular.

Lots of stuff going on this week, going to go back to jam night on Weds, hopefully able to play the mandolin, choir practise on Thursday, and a colleague is having a party on Saturday so HF and I are going together.

Called HF today, to make sure he knows I'm not mad at him. He'll be a good friend, I'm his only friend in Montreal, and it means alot to him. I couldn't be angry with him if I tried.


I'm switching HC's name to never will be, and I'm not sure I really want to discuss it, but I had a few things confirmed to me that I suspected.

Not unhappy. We're just going to be friends and I feel very relieved about all of this.

Friday, November 28, 2008

pre-emptive post

Ok so I'm doing this now cuz y'ain't gonna hear from me til easily Sunday.

Fuck I'm busy.

Bell Center tonight, that is if I get confirmation this afternoon, list was submitted the other day and I haven't heard back yet...for the confirmation that is...guess I can just show and hope for the best? (see I'm doing this for the opening act, and they don't get as much clout as the headliner, obviously, in terms of photo passes etc, so while it's ok with them, it may not be ok with the promoter in which case I'll hear last minute this afternoon!)

Rock 'n roll yanno, it's only 12:43, they're not out of bed yet :)

And tomorrow HC and I are going out of town, to a friend of mine's housewarming and to do some sight seeing.

Good weekend all, I'll drop by as quickly as I can manage!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

a huge announcement

Ladies and gentlemen....

the 6 string guitar is officially restrung!!!!!!!!!!!! woooooooooooo hooooooooooooo myself got off her ass and did something!

The 12 string however, still remains to be restrung.

One thing at a time...don't want to peak too early :D

The guitar on the left is mine btw.....I'll do a little advertising for the local company Godin Guitars, it's a B20 12 string is also a B20 Norman....sounds like a thousand dollar guitar for a much easier on the pocketbook price.

Monday, November 24, 2008

visions of grandeur

So Friday night. Ladies and germs (drum roll please).....

*I* am taking photos at the Bell Center (I think...seems the people in Toronto think it's ok, just have to get the tour manager to answer me back!) Luke Doucet. Opening for James Blunt. Whoah. Me and the big lenses. Should be nerve wracking!

Today at work was interesting, it was all about pissing people off, a sales rep about a commodity and then my office in Toronto a couple times, because I'm right and they're I left at 5 feeling very satisfied with my day (LMAO!)
Men can be rather transparent.

Got an email from an artist about my photos of her today....what a nice woman. Got a chance to ask her some questions....

Ok that unstrung guitar? Still freaking unstrung. But I'm very awake and afraid to go to sleep due to my sleep induced migraine from yesterday/today, so it's frigging getting done NOW!

Oh and did anyone notice that the SAAQ now allows you to pay your registration in installments? Bout time. Due at the end of the month, sigh, it's like I owe them my life...and I should pay that parking ticket while I'm at it I guess eh?

Yay Quebec.

No snow. And now it's warm. How pleasant. I know it's only for a short time, however...

Oh a funny aside. The day I helped HC buy his winter jacket etc etc etc, I made him buy himself some long johns (keep in mind that he takes metro & bus to work, and work pants, even jeans, are freaking cold in winter when you're waiting on the corner of Cavendish & Cote Vertu). In conversation last night he thanked me for those suggestions, yesterday was minus 18 celcius....fraking cold....and apparently he discovered I was right about jeans being chilly....hehehehehe!

Sunday, November 23, 2008

unbridled laziness

It's not like I've done nothing this weekend, I have, I've had a tonne of things to do, still do, things I haven't gotten my arse in gear to take care of yet.

Like changing the strings on my 2 guitars. You would think, for someone that's played the instrument since maybe the age of 10, I could do it pretty quickly and without much hassle. And yet, I haven't gotten down to doing it yet.

Sigh. I make myself angry sometimes.

I haven't felt like writing recently. Part migraines, I can't think when I have one, ever, it just doesn't work properly, ever. Means I have to put way much more effort into it then I feel like.

And I've been writing music. Lyrics instead of blogging.

Or maybe not enough things in my life are going wrong right now? I have no idea. Maybe that's what is going on. I've always been like this, I used to have a journal (well I still do) and I only wrote in it when things were going pear shaped. Never when things were going well. Which doesn't entirely make sense to me.

Ok back to my lovely seared cajun scallops with greens & sweet potatoe. I'm hungry as hell. And I'll make someone a lovely wife someday (hahahahahah!)

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

the good and the bad

Ok the bad. My little Emmy passed. My friend says this is the way it goes with the hammies, they can be fragile when small, and Emmy wasn't very old, only a few months, I have no idea what happened.

The good, well, I rescued another hammie that had been at the SPCA for a good long while. Her name is Bella, and she's been there months. So, one passed and I rescued another. I just told everyone they're not allowed to die! Not for a while at least. A little talking to...

Another bit of good was my little purchase today. See, I'm hoping it helps me earn some $$, so I spent $100 on a used mandolin. It's not a common instrument, it works for country, bluegrass (or newgrass) music as well as celtic music, and I want that sound for a few tunes I'm working on (one of them is the one I used the lyrics from the other day, from Rose Cousins). A friend books for a local joint and I'm hoping to get an acoustic gig possibly to help offset a few expenses. Once every few months would help nicely. Get some $$ put aside for the trip to Europe!

So tonight, I need to learn to play the freaking thing. It's fingering is completely different from the guitar, it's got 8 strings, but here's hoping I figure it out, I can remember the ukelele and it's the same thing....

Looks funny though, it's so small.

I need to cook myself some dinner and then I'm off to figure out how to play songs. Ah my life is bizarre.

Monday, November 17, 2008

why negative?

I am feeling so negative, so down, I don't know what it is, perhaps it's the migraine, or leftovers, I'm not feeling happy and upbeat like I have for the past while. I hate it.

Anyway, I say this artist the other day - photographed her, and this song speaks to me, as an idication of every relationship I've had (or rather not had) in the past, just gives you an idea of my fears and my head space....

If You Were For Me
(Rose Cousins)

I been waiting to see your car drive up
I been wiaitng for you to stop by
I been hiding while it’s raining
just until it clears
waiting for my tears to dry

In the pictures I see people dancing
and you’re the one who gave them to me
now it feels like I been painted out of the scene
and you’re gonna get married

but if you were for me
I’d be sleeping at your house
and if you were for me
there would not be any doubt
that you were for me

no I can’t tell the morning from the afternoon
or the afternoon from the night
when it’s raining it’s painting them all
the same colors of grey and white
and I don’t want things to change
but I feel it happening
you’re blurred and out of range
it’s like there’s heat rising from everything

now the moon shines in thru my window
and I used to share this with you
and I’m scared of losing the you and me that I know
and I don’t know what to do

but if you were for me
then time would still be passing
and if yuou were for me
then I would not be asking

if you were for me
if you were for me
if you were for me

Sunday, November 16, 2008



Oh how I love thee.

This has pretty much been a lost day during which I slept. Attempting to get rid of the pain I've had in my head since yesterday. Blurgh.

I'm not entirely looking forward to tomorrow. First off, I didn't go away for the weekend with the other managers, and there will be a honeymoon period for them before they start not working with each other again. I always work with everyone. But we have a management team that is primarily over 50, and they just don't for whatever reason I cannot fathom. Whatever.

I'm a bit blue this weekend if you hadn't noticed. Having a very insecure weekend for reasons that don't make alot of sense to me.

Me so dumb.

Anyway. Making myself some leek & potato soup (with bacon!) and I feel like baking so I'm making banana bread....except I probably won't eat that myself (except for a first hot slice with butter....mmmmm). First I'm starting with the bag of Alaskan crab legs I bought (food slut, I know...). I'll feed the banana bread to others....

Back to being insecure and cooking. What a combo.


Edit: the stupid cork won't fit back into the wine bottle (I never drink the whole thing in one shot). And I can't find one of those corky things that I've been given as a gift a few million times.

So I guess I have to drink the whole thing. I am feeling out of sorts, and still migrainey, so I guess a bit of drinking won't hurt, and if the pills won't make the migraine go away, make the fucker drunk :)


Edit #2: apparently crab legs aren't enough to cause me not to get loaded. So now, I'm writing a song, making the soup, thawing the fruz bananas, and I guess this is called drunk blogging.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

welcome to my migraine

Nothing like waking up, slowly, and realizing your head hurts to the point where you don't want to lift it off the pillow. Yep. It's raining cats and dogs and I have a weather-related migraine.

Didn't stop me from going to meet a friend for breakfast, then picking up another friend and driving to my parents place for the afternoon. We had fun, sat and yakked with my mother, laughed at her with the new internet (my parents live in the country and just graduated from dial-up to high speed...SHOCKING!), got plants, I got some info to prepare my flights into Europe from my dad and it was all good.

We stopped on the way home for dinner at the bestest fish & chips joint in Cornwall Ontario...oh my god, I may explode, but whatever, I eat there once a year. It's the best.

I'm watching ER right now, gotta love a PVR, and Dr Green is on. Anthony Edwards is a personal fav, I know he's a dork, and a bald dork, but I've been in love with the guy since the movie Gotcha from the 80s. I know. Idiot.

Ok. I'm crashing. Nite all. If you're in Montreal, this weather blows. It's official.

Friday, November 14, 2008

still lazy after all this time

No posts. Can't get the act in gear.

I'm sitting here watching all the other supervisors and managers leaving for a weekend work/brainstorming thing - have fun bitches! I'm stayin home! I had a previous engagement (with Matt Mays & El Torpedo) no.

And on that note, back to pseudo-work.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

a post brought to you by the laziest bitch alive

Ok I'm not lazy, actually I'm busy. And tired. No shock there, if I stopped living my life at 10000 km/h everything would be fabulous!

So I've been editing photos, chosing shots for my portfolio and generally roaring around like a chicken with my head cut off. Along with work, pets etc.

Someone I used to be in a band with asked me to come meet the rest of his band with my portfolio this week, and we could talk turkey on costs etc.....omg I can't quite believe that, and I'm sort of hoping they want some live shots, I'm not a studio photographer at all in any sense of the word.

Tonight, more editing and bed with me, I'm super tired, and freaking hungry all the time. I don't know what's wrong with me.

so back to work I go, love you all, but, well, this shit pays the bills. Gack.

Saturday, November 8, 2008

weekend blahs

So it's Saturday. I was out for breakfast with a friend, and now I'm at home cleaning and cooking.

For what you ask?


Just cuz.

It's gross, grey and raining out, and I'm in no mood.

Got a fucking parking ticket last night. I hate the McGill ghetto, I thought (due to my degree in astrophysics required to read Montreal parking/no parking signs)that where I was parking was alright, but the request for $42 of my hard-earned cash on my windshield says otherwise. It's my first ticket ever.

So, back to cooking and cleaning. Think I'll wash the floor (I am so often doing that the little pissing monsters - just can't wait the 1/2 hour extra for me to get home from work, no no have to empty ourselves on the wood floor that is becoming quickly ruined...).

Pea soup, and later vodka penne and an apple pie. The food food I can freeze, I don't know who I'm going to feed the pie to, I'm certainly not eating it.

Friday, November 7, 2008

note to self #13289843509274

Guarana seed is a lovely idea given to me by the HC, however....I am now very hyper, in fact buzzing, and to top it all's made me extra...ahem....randy? ... which I did NOT need.


Thursday, November 6, 2008

sometimes I amaze myself

3 am I went to bed. 11:30 we left Ottawa. Fog. Can'tseeyourhandinfrontofyourface fog. Took 2 1/2 hours to get from Ottawa to Montreal. Ack

Colin James was amazing.

And I'm still awake.

Bought a cd, had he & Craig Northey sign it...bought one for HC also, seeing as that was the first Canadian artist he ever saw (with moi), and had Colin sign a personalized message to him. I am told it was a very thoughtful gift


So I'm conscious at work and I have no clue how.

Coffee? Like, IV form?

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

the blues

Nice day out but I'm feeling blue. More on this at another time when I've decided exactly what's going on, not sure what is happening at this moment in time....but I am having a feeling.

Me having a feeling.

What a novel idea.


I got nothing today.

Well I do, but I'm awaiting the results of the decision about Prop 8 in California before I start on things....

Status quo around here, except I'm off work early to go to Ottawa to see Colin James.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Saturday wonderment

The sun is shining, it's absolutely beautiful out....and I got my satellite installed today.

I'm never leaving the house again. 3 weeks without....OMG, it was hell..I have to catch up on Eastenders and Coronation Street, and Saving Grace, and shit, did Rescue Me start while I was incommunicado with the tv world?


I have no plans to leave the house. For the next month. That's it, anyone wants to see me they better come here, cuz baby, I have HBO, BBC Canada, Showcase....oh the list is long....yeehaw.

Mr 2 Channels down there on the mountain will be jealous.....hehehehe....I have much of that "American tv" as he calls it.

Sigh. Yeah. Last night was good.