Sunday, September 28, 2008


guess what?

I can blog on my cell!

So I'm currently sitting at Café Campus waiting for Grace Potter & the Nocturnals to start.

And true to photo pass but the dude from Gillette Entertainment recognized me from The Stills last night ... and I have an email from management....sooo.....

I slept all day. Need a vacation from my weekend AND still haven't done laundry or house work.

Oh wee.

Certainly won't be winning any Suzy Homemaker awards.



Technodoll said...

What I wonder is how the heck you manage a full-time demanding job, a house, all these photo gigs AND your dozen pets???

Cuz, I need that secret. Presto pronto.

myself said...

My house is a mess....and I buy underwear because I haven't done laundry.

The dogs rule, and they keep everyone else in check.

No secret. Pets/job/photos and everything else comes afterwards.

Technodoll said...

But still, they all need feeding, exercise, grooming, cleaning of living areas, etc...

Admit it. You have a stash of extra hours in there somewhere.

myself said...

well the beauty of my dogs is they don't need much grooming, and i don't believe in over bathing dogs....nails, a quick comb of the Vince and they're done. Their energy levels aren't that high, and it's only playing together that they are extremely walkies are walkies.

Everyone else is low maintenance, easy to deal with, hammies take no effort and neither do the tortues.

I'm sure I have more time then I let

myself said...

ok I just figured it out.

I don't sleep.

if that works for ya go for it!