Thursday, August 4, 2011

welcome to the complaint department.

Well this is another blog submission in which I complain. Which, face it, has to be why you keep coming back because god knows I'm so fucking good at it.

And swearing. I excel at swearing :D

So today I decided it was the day that I was going to ask a dude to go out with me and he said no. It's a thing I was given for work, to a sports event, I have absolutely no courage in the men regard and was all prepared, then forgot, then had to do it via text, then got shot down.

Am I blind? Am I unable to tell if someone is flirting with me? Am I just the fat girl no one wants?

Well no one that I would want wants me, this I now for absolute certain!

For all the "you're greats" and "you're fabulous" comment, and all the "you're single?" comments, the fact remains that indeed I am.

And I'm now officially tired of it.

so this experience has slapped me down rather nicely and I will certainly never do that again, this I can tell you for free.