Thursday, January 29, 2009


Did my exam for my course, got 100% like I usually do (I could teach the freaking thing), and off I came home early. Worked a bit, did dishes, slept, and this evening I spent alot of time with my lovely little bunny girl (I haven't decided on a name yet, I might keep the one she had at the SPCA, can't think yet, I need to know her personality a bit better). She nips when she wants your attention. Cute.

Then I cleaned her cage, she's funny, she is litter trained however is pooping in her cage to let me know it's her area. Going to take her a bit to get used to being here. Bunnies are very territorial. The cat could care less, as could the bunny which is rather funny, they sort of ignore each other.

Cleaned the hammie cages....and now everyone is happy. Except maybe the new hammie Brandy, she's just a baby and was rather traumatized by the changing of the bedding....hasn't gone in her little shelter yet as a result. And is terrified of any move I might make. Funny little thing.

The dogs are pleased that I've been home more than usual during a week day (2 of them actually) and teh turtles, well, they are sunning themselves, I don't much figure into their day except when I clean the tank out (which they hate, because I leave them temporarily with very little water) and when I feed them every second day. The big one is currently falling every time she tries to get on the sunning rock. I shouldn't be amused, but it keeps her busy.

Hammie wheels, hammie wheels hammie wheels.

Jam night last night. Jam flirt very concerned and attentive when he saw my lovely and stylish leg brace. I ran (well, not really) out to the car to get something and he gave me hell and said to ask next time.....what he doesn't know is that I'm a very "I'll do it myself person".

We chatted for a while, mostly about music, he had asked for a song list of mine, so he could pick a few tunes I do to learn, but like I warned him, my taste is eclectic and a bit weird, but he said that he respects my musical tastes and actually thinks my choices/tastes are quite amazing.

He also knew all about my knee already. He reads my Facebook page. How etrange.

No addiction to the phoning or texting, he still looks a titch sad, wonder what's up on that front.

I'm just being friendly and flirty. What else can ya do?

Anyhoodles, I need to do a bit of rehearsing....I'm starting to worry, which he told me I shouldn't do. Next week is his night at the place I'm playing (one of them) and then he's at the other place the day after. Will I look like a groupie if I turn up at both? The Friday is great for photography....the next, not so much, but it's his originals band, so I'll check it out.

And on that note. Off I go. Enjoy all.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

I need help

When I started volunteering at the SPCA, in the exotic animal area, I knew that I may end up falling in love a few times. But you know, with the count at the time at 3 dogs, 1 cat, 2 turtles and 2 hamsters, I figured, I don't have room for anyone else really....

Yeah. Sure.

The first week I volunteered, there was a 2 month old hamster. I didn't even look at her except a cursory exam, she came home with me. She's adorable, but afraid, does the hammie flip when I go near her. But she took a treat from my hand the other day and didn't run away when I spoke to her (she was even afraid of my voice) so I'm feeling a bit more positive.

I've gotten used to the two older ones, who are completely is this new critter. I could have a million hamsters, they're easy, clean their cage once and week and you're all good.

Now one of the animals we have alot of at the SPCA are rabbits, the easter gift that kids get bored of (I hate people, have I mentioned that before?). But I've never had the urge to have a bunny ever, some of them aren't well mannered (ie - they bite) poop everywhere when they're out of the cage (they are trainable to use a litter box, it just takes about a month and people aren't patient enough)

Until I met Plumette. She is the most adorable thing ever. She snuggles closer when you hold her, she follows you around like a dog, and she uses a litter box (or at a minimum only goes in her cage). She is the sweetest little thing.

And now she's mine.

She sleeps in bed with me. Seriously. Adorable, affectionate, but I have to keep her upstairs which upsets me a bit, she's afraid of dogs, even my teeensy ones, they freak her out. I figure I'll work her into it....but I can't let her out around my dogs anyway, their prey drive is too high. But she's a great companion for my fact, the cat is rather pleased to have herself a rabbit.

I'm nuts. I know. But someone has to snuggle up to me in bed at night, better that I give a home to some unwanted pet then some man I'll have to argue with.

Some say I'll never get a boyfriend because of this, and trully? I don't give a crap. Love me, love my pets...end of story, it's a no brainer.

And on that note, I need to give my leetle guys some dried fruit, and maybe a carrot....and I'll see if I can get a shot of Brandy (the little newbie hammie) who comes out to grab the carrot, gets in her little house in her cage and eats the carrot from inside the house....too funny!

Monday, January 26, 2009

taking a bow


I know I've told you all that I'm an incredible klutz, and if you were around about this time last year, then you know I broke my tailbone in February slipping on ice on my way out of my house last.

Well, not to be outdone, I've gone and done it again.

Saturday, while there was a gentleman here to buy my old winter tires & rims, I fell. Slipped on dog pee (it's been very cold and one of them decided if they didn't tell me they needed to go then it wouldn't involved being outdoors in the cold sooooo), fell hard on my left knee. Luxated my patella (which in english means that my kneecap went travelling where it should NOT have been) and no idea what else I did. Can't bend the leg without great pain, can't move it certain directions, so it's immobilized in what's called a Zimmer brace, and I see the orthopedic surgeon next week when the swelling has hopefully gone down considerably.

Only me. Apparently walking in a straight line is not my thing. Go figure.

Called my boss this morning and his response was "what did you do to yourself now?"


Funny thing happened at the hospital though (which was a bloody short wait for that hospital, 4 hours and I was done, 1 nurse, 2 docs and 1 session of x-rays - lucky to be the only ortho case that night). The "normal" (non-ortho) doctor that saw me, I've not had him before, but I've seen him before, he's cute, blonde, blue eyed, glasses and short (oh well can't have 'em all). I remember thinking this before.

Anyway, my sister and one of her nursing school mates had been discussing their single siblings and had wanted to fix me up with her doctor brother. Yeah, my doctor from Saturday. Don't think he'd want to go out with me at this point though, because I think he was secretly laughing at my klutz factor on Saturday, while trying to be very serious....

Small world.

Anyway. It had been a decent weekend until then, but my friends and I would like the bad luck thing to cease, and seeing as it's chinese new year, let the good luck begin k?

Yeah, sounds good to me!

Thursday, January 22, 2009


Actually I didn't sing last night. Not once. They tried. Oh Jam Flirt tried. But no.....not last night, lost my voice AGAIN (I'm starting to panic a bit for my 2 gigs because of it), and just wasn't in the mood, I was enjoying watching everyone.

We had a good time though. Felt like a right old lady, young 20 year old dude, just a bit chubby, short (don't know why I end up with guys shorter then me), just the cutest thing....if I was 20 years younger....

Where are those guys that are now my age, but were like that back then?


Anyway, was up til 4 am....yeah, I'm nuts, I've lost it. Jam ended about 2, and one of the guys invited us to go to La Belle Province with them, which at that very moment sounded like a fantastic idea (just fyi, there are 3 guys, all friends, one is Jam Flirt, his friend Ya Man, and the friend Goof, yeah that just about describes 'em all). Goof asked my friend S and I.

So there we were, the 5 of us, had a good time eating our dogs and poutine (although I will admit I mostly ate only the top layer of fries, but dug out all the cheese with gravy).

I also discovered a few things. Jam Flirt, still flirting with me. Jam Flirt, keeps an eye on my FB page apparently, asking me questions about my statuses (like the cold #2 and was I feeling better?). He keeps an eye on it..hrmmm...this is a man with 300-500 friends....keeping track of me means actually having to go looking at my page. Very interesting.

But I'm not going to worry about it. What will be will be.

But dammitall he's hot. In his not-so-hot way. Sigh.

I'm so tired today though. But I managed to get us an interview with a big client. Woot!

Ok gotta go make dinner, I'm freaking starving.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

this 'n that...'n this?

So...good news, my friend was allowed into her apartment last night for 5 mins to gather some stuff (clothing and things she doesn't really want to lose). The engineers haven't decided what they'll be tearing down yet, so the rest of the furniture etc hasn't been removed, but the insurance company is at the ready to do what they need to do with it, assess etc. I'm fairly certain that they'll be rebuilding her part of the building at a minimum, it was a year and a half old, when this happened.

Miss the hamster is still pissed off, although this doesn't stop her from accepting treats from me, however, I'm not her mom, so she's displeased and probably pretty much confused. But FREAKING ADORABLE!

It's jam night tonight, I guess I'll go, my friend S is supposed to turn up. That should be good. Or not. I have no idea. The whole FB thing creeps me out in respect that I can see what Jam Flirts little girlfriend is up to on mutual friend's walls etc, and that makes me a bit uncomfy. Truly, I want to know nothing about this woman, first off because I don't much like dim witted people (yes that was mean, but omg she can't even spell, and her grammatical errors get written, that drives me insane, I might say "sammich" for example, but I'll usually type it "sandwich" unless I'm trying to be cute for some reason), and truly, I don't want to be too friendly because I believe her days are numbered.

And it irritates me to no end that she exists anyway.

Workwise, doing all sorts of official crap for various governmental agencies and my company, and want to tear my hair out. You dudes down in the US have so messed with everything up here, the government agencies want us to be ridiculously secure to the point of stupidity, just like it's supposed to be down there. Let's face facts, considering it's not THAT secure at your airports's all a whole bunch of hooey for which I am wasting my time...seriously, save me from the bullshit.

Ok back to work, and then lunch during which I go over tunes for my gigs. I'm learning, I hope. New song for me, suggestion of S, "Kiss Me" by Sixpence None the Richer, easy tune, I'm thrilled.....

Monday, January 19, 2009


One thing that scares the shit out of me is the idea of my house burning down.

Unfortunately that came true for a friend of mine today.

Got up, feeling a bit like hell (migraine, and another cold starting NOOOOOOOOOOO) and essentially considering going to work for a bit and coming home. In the morning after I take the 4 leggeds out, I usually look at the local news online, and did so, seeing that there was a huge apartment fire in the town next to me.

I'm looking at the address and thinking "geez that's familiar". And then I realize it's my friend M's apartment building.

So I call her cell, she doesn't answer. Then immediately calls me back, yes it was her building and yes, for now, she's homeless.

She got out with the clothes on her back, her computer, her purse, but because they have quite a few people pulling the alarm as a joke (or whatever reason someone would do that) she figured taking her hamster out into the cold wasn't a good idea. So, when she realized that it wasn't a false alarm she couldn't get back in the building to get her. I didn't know this at the time, so I of course asked how her hamster was...and she started to cry.

I told her I would take care of it for her.

So I went to work, got them to fix my VPN (so I can remotely get on the network), called my boss and told him my friend lost her home and I was going to try to get her pet so I was taking a vacation day, and started calling the police and fire departments to get info and get news there was a pet in the building (she's not supposed to have any, even small rodents - so I wanted to make sure they knew there was one inside). Police gave me a number that I called and I got the North fire department (for the northern part of the island of Montreal - again with the geography lesson) - it bounced there from the South, because it was a 5 alarm fire, they were all at the apartment building.

He was super helpful, called the commander of the fire, who said that they would go up and look, but someone needed to be on site. I had given my cell to the north fire department dude, but I had a feeling when he hadn't called me back that either he took it down wrong or I gave it to him wrong, called him back and sure enough....

The police didn't want to let me near the area, until I explained that I was going to collect an animal from the fire, had been in contact with the fire department, let me park illegally within the perimeter and off I went on foot (quite a hike I had today).

The North shore fireman had said to look for the site commander, or PC as they call him, so I got to speak to a whole whack of tired firemen, who directed me to the two guys in the white helmets. I explained, could see M's apartment, pointed to it (her part of the building only had slight fire damage, but the smoke and the water and broken out windows because the roof had been on fire and they had to, poor hammie would have died), so he sent some guys in to look, got a transmission back and another 2 firefighters took me up to her apartment.

We get there and I hear "we have her but she's biting us, what do we do?"

I get ushered to the door of the apartment, to see 3 big firemen kneeling down with grins on their faces trying to get this hamster out of her cage, to which I tell them "just give me the whole thing and that'll make it easier?".

They were thrilled that they saved something (a cat died in the bad part of the building, and unbeknownst to them, the man in the apartment that had exploded around 1:30 in the morning causing the fire) and asked what her name was (the hamster, not my friend) and off I went down the ice covered stairs back outside and to get the poor little confused thing to my place and change all her bedding/food/water etc before it killed her.

I called my friend and she started bawling. Been up all night and the stress of the situation....

My friend S and I went up to see her, S gave her a couple hundred dollars to go get some clothes etc that she needs. She was happy to hear her car was probably alright (there's a third part to the building that was unaffected and she parks near that), and I think personally that 80-90% of her stuff in her apartment will be ok after the insurance does their thing cleaning it. Water & smoke damage for the most part, but she's a caterer on the side from her real job, and has alot of expensive cooking implements, all that stuff from what I saw will be just fine, probably most of her furniture also.

She just won't have a home for quite a while. Time to find a new apartment.

So happy she's ok. And so happy I was able to be the pitt bull I tend to be and get her beloved pet for her (it's her first pet ever and she was having guilt because she left her behind). She went and got her car, unfortunately the windshield is broken, but the police on site wrote up a report saying it was due to the fire, so she won't have any problems with insurance.

I have to say, between the police and the fire department, we have some great guys in Montreal, I don't care what anyone says, they were ALL helpful, and all very kind, even when I told them that it was a hamster (I expected they wouldn't make any effort).

I was standing with wet feet for a while (feet of water everywhere and me in my little pull on running shoe boots), I smell like a fire still (can't use the tub until all the hamster cage is finished soaking), and I think inhaling it while in the building made me a bit ill....but she's happy and I hear the hamster in the cage, she is doing JUST fine, and that makes me happy.

And yeah. That's a photo of the fire itself. Scary shit. This time I stole it from CBC :)

Sunday, January 18, 2009

busy busy busy

I know it's no excuse but I have no time for anything right now.

Too much to do, too little time.

I'll be checking in later and reading the stuff from you all asap....probably during work time (hehehehe)

Muah all.

Friday, January 16, 2009

splish splash

One of the little known things about me is an obsession I've had since I was a kid.

Bit of background, my dad is an aircraft technician. My mom and I didn't get along for most of my childhood for reasons really unknown to even her, so I spent a lot of time with my dad, a great deal of it in the hangar at the maintenance base for Air Canada, a great deal at the airport watching the planes land and take off, identifying the type of plane from the ground.

So growing up, I had a very unhealthy thirst for information about plane crashes. I kept a scrapbook of them, discussed them with my dad, and the discussion tradition continues today. As does the obsession.

I wanted to be an air crash investigator actually, but sadly, you need to be a pilot, aircraft engineer, aircraft technician, whatever to do that. I considered going into aircraft maintenance, but my dad convinced me not to, at the time women were not well accepted in the industry, and ended up doing electronic overhauls, I wanted to be line maintenance (those are the guys you see under the plane when you're waiting to board, fixing anything that needs doing before the aircraft departs again, or checking out any snags).

This would be how I ended up doing what I do for a living, I worked for an airline for 7 years, and I miss certain things - there's nothing quite like sitting on the ground waiting for the bird to land on the tarmac, seeing it in the air coming in, watching it touch down, hearing the ops personnel on the walkie talkie "LH470 is on the ground" and going to wait for it to be hooked to the GPU and those cargo doors to open for all the loading and unloading to begin!

Oh and when it's -50 on the tarmac standing under the exhaust line under the tail, knowing it probably causes cancer, but considering how freezing it is out, who the hell cares?

Oh sometimes I miss those days.

Anyway. So at jam Wednesday I had been talking crash, which comes up every now and again, and everyone thought I was insane with my knowledge of just about every plane crash known to man (I've read so many final reports by the air transport authorities in different countries you have absolutely no idea).

So of course, I totally get called out in light of yesterday's crash of a US Airways A320 into the Hudson River in New York. Like it's my fault that something has occured to pique my interest.

Interesting little tidbit that made me a titch worried.

When there's a problem with an aircraft an airworthiness directive is issued to all carriers detailing maintenance etc that has to be done and the urgency of this maintenance/change.

In the past month there have been two for the Airbus, one involving the software for the TCAS (Traffic Allert & Collision Avoidance system) and an update needed, and another specifically for the A320 series of aircraft (including the A318/A319) concerning double engine stalls in the CFM 56 engines upon climb (aka takeoff).

Apparently my concern has been duplicated by the engine manufacturer as they have sent someone to the crash site - which they would have to do anyway as this involves the engines anyway (usually the manufacturers of the parts are present for the investigation - if those parts were involved).

Anyway, seems that the pilot did report a bird strike, unusual that it affects both engines, there are over 500,000 reports of bird strikes per year, and most end without incident.

That being said, I have to give props to the US Airways pilot, Chesley Sullenberger III, for his incredible flying abilities, saving both people on the ground and everyone on his aircraft from what would have been certain disaster. He guided the aircraft over the George Washington bridge, clearance of only 900 meters, and ditched that sucker as gingerly as he could, it didn't even break up on landing (and kudos to the airframe manufacturer Airbus, hitting water is as bad as hitting ground depending how fast you are moving).

The pilot also didn't leave his aircraft until he was certain all his passengers and crew were out. Truly, they are all very lucky he was at the helm of this aircraft, there are only a few cases of a commercial jet becoming a glider (Air Canada 143 - B767 aka the Gimli Glider outside of Winnipeg in the 80s & Air Transat 236 which was glided into the Azores in the 90s), and the pilot did an amazing job, and from all reports, never lost his cool.

Any crash that you walk away from is a good crash. This was an amazing crash. I can't wait to find out more about it, what happened, hear the transmission from aircraft to tower, and the cockpit recorder.

Kudos also to all that helped rescue the passengers and crew, they rushed to aid so quickly, while a few people suffered hypothermia, it could have been much much worse....

Thursday, January 15, 2009

not over yet? really????

I'll show you the above photo, that's Montreal in the background, our lovely gorgeous city, which is currently having issues with water main breaks due to the cold (well that and a typically badly maintained Montreal infrastructure, what a shocker?).

When there's "steam" coming off the St Lawrence river (yes, Montreal is an island, little geography lesson there...), that means cold. Means fucking cold. Means that on every bridge or elevated expressway there's black ice to a dangerous extent. They closed the Bonaventure expressway, which leads down to one of the bridges off the island (actually a major one). I'm thanking my lucky stars that I neither live down there nor are any of our export clients today located down there. That'll be a fantastic mess.

See there's a temp at which salt no longer works, and I'd say at -26C and a wind chill of between -40 to -50C, we're way beneath that.

My dogs just say no. They get out the door (and I'm not out of it yet even) and they pee on the driveway. Maybe we get halfway down the driveway before they're done and pulling me back to the house. And poop is for indoors apparently, when it's cold. Sigh. Tried putting down paper, they go beside it.

I love my dogs, really I do.

Did make the trek to jam night last night. Jam Flirt made me get up with my guitar and do some solo accoustic stuff because actually he's never heard me before. I sucked, but apparently not too badly, because his friend booked me for late March. 2 gigs. Wow.

He himself was actually very complimentary. I only flirt occasionally now because I've decided that first off no guy needs the ego massage and secondly, he needs to figure out his girlfriend is an airhead and get rid of her.

She is. If it wasn't mean (and or illegal) to post a photo I have of her, I would. I swear to you that you can see thru this bitch's head via her eyes. And the messages she leaves on FB on my friend's walls? Oh my. Spelling & grammar are optional. She's blonde, tall & thin and that's where it ends. But men are numbskulls frequently as a friend of mine tells me, and, in his words, alot of them give the decent ones a bad name. Again his words, looks last only so long. And that's so very true. But I guess I've been lucky, I have a very strange sense of what I consider to be attractive...which means I usually pick people based on what I like about their personality, and they aren't ueber attractive generally (except HF, he's the hottest thing alive, and kind, and sweet etc), so there's an attitude thing that I don't have a problem with.

Ok that probably makes no sense. However. Suffice to say, I'm not fawning over this dude, end of story. I'll flirt if flirted with and that's where it will end.

Ok back to my work. I'm sitting in my office with the temp jacked up, and yet still freezing my arse off. yahoo.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

quick question

Did I move to Siberia overnight but am not aware?

-36C with the fucking wind chill.
That is insane.


Have to run the car for 1/2 hour otherwise you risk running metal on metal in the engine - oil is thick and takes a while to warm up. Should have hear what my car sounded like when I started it this morning.

I'll leave you with this image:

This is what one looks like in winter in Montreal.....if you brave the outdoors that is (I love my car).

Much thanks to the Gazoo (aka the Montreal Gazette) from whence I stole the photos :)

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

and on we go...

All I'm doing right now is finding tunes to sing, and practising. And panicking.

I'll be fine. I know I will. I think what makes me more nervous is all the work people that will be there, friends, hey maybe even some family, who the hell knows?

Oh the stress!

But, I'm loving it, I think it might be what has been somewhat missing from my life.

It's supposed to be bloody cold as of when I wake tomorrow. Yuck. Enough. And into next week. Which costs me money and makes me freak out somewhat (oil....I hate spending money on oil...)

I know I'll get yelled at but I've been feeling extremely lonely again. Sigh. Into year 4 single I go. And please note, I had 2 years of self-imposed exile from the male kind, but the past year or so, I've been ready and willing, but no one else has been ready and willing. I mean, I'm usually so freaking busy that I don't notice, but there hasn't been alot of photography recently, so I've been noticing. It's a bit of my life that is lacking, missing, and, well, I'm well aware there's nothing I can do about it, really, but just be who I am and do what I do.

Someone's bound to be able to stand me eventually, right?

Sigh. It does depress me ocasionally.

And yet again, when I am interested, apparently I don't demonstrate it. Enough. Or something.


To jam or not to jam tomorrow. That is the question that I as of now don't know how to answer.

I'll sleep on it. Or sing on it. Or just wait and see how I feel tomorrow.

Going to eat finally. And cook the dogs food (yes TD, I'm cooking the dogs some food to go along with their dry food....yes, the world is now ending :)

Monday, January 12, 2009

the state of the union

Well it wasn't my union!

Attended the wedding of Technodoll and Vegas on Saturday. I was rather chuffed that I was asked along considering that TD and I only met in person for the first time in December, but I had fun, they and friends are essentially nuts (this is a requirement for me personally, we have to have some of the same qualities :P).

Honestly, I hope for them all the happiness in the world, they seem a nicely suited couple, the bride was gorgeous, the groom was hot (um hello TD how could you not have given him the time of day when you first met?) yet casual, and the judge was the nastiest bitch known to man! Holy 4-letter-word-starting-with-a-c!!!

Anyway, for brunch I was located at the "bad" table...we were all rather loud and obnoxious and one of TD's friends has the coolest job in the world. Or just a bizarre job I never would have thought someone would do for a living? Nice place TD picked for brunch...I will be going back there down the line!

Unfortunately I had to rush off because my meter ran out for my car and I had no freaking change between the meter for the courthouse and the meter near the restaurant.

Got strings for my mandolin, picks, a new capo, and some finger picks....then went home to panick because....wait for it, I got booked for a solo gig in March. Happy 40th to me, I am finally at my age getting out there and doing more singing/performing. I want to puke at the thought, but I need to be doing this and I can use the cash frankly!

Birthday dinner for a friend Saturday, out to see a favorite band, brunch with a friend Sunday morning and then an invite out to quiz night by friend of Jam Flirt (who is not interested in me....he asked my friend and I to go join *them*). I went with my friend S, and we had a good time, and we won the quiz night! Jam Flirt was his usual, and I got a kiss on the cheek. But his FB status has changed to nothing as opposed to single, and seeing as I've been in that boat before, I assume that means he and the vacant blonde are seriously seeing each other.

I don't get men and I never will. Seriously.

And there you have it. Today I didn't have 3 seconds to think for all the work being piled on me, I'm tired, I'm crabby, and I'm thinking I need to just hide from people for a bit. Maybe no jam night this week. Maybe no nothing this week. Dunno.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

going to the chapel and I'm......

no NOT getting married.

But Technodoll is!!!

And it's the court house, not the chapel. Semantics.

So off I go for the festivities....awwww gonna be fun AND I get to meet Vegas!


Wednesday, January 7, 2009

take off to the Great White North

20-25cms (that's about 10 inches to you guys south of the border).

It's not as bad as last year, but it's annoying enough.

Sigh. I'm tired of winter. Can it go away now?

Finally got out for a run last night, happy happy, it's been about a month, between subzero temperatures (bad for inhaling when you're an asthmatic) and that cold-from-hades, I haven't gotten out. So now I need to work back up to my previous time...I can run the whole way, the lungs end up on fire. It'll take me about another month to get there I guess.

So, my company let us out early, I'm a manager, I'm not supposed to take advantage, but fuckit, I did anyway, didn't want to get stuck in the mega traffic. Place was empty (skeleton staff means about 2 people...heh!!). All the freight is messed up anyway, most of the flights are backed up or cancelled, even out of Europe where they're also having a hell of a time with snow. In fact our Milan agent emailed to say they were closed as was the airport. Airports. Whatever.

On average, Montreal destined/origin flights are 2-5 hours delayed. Yeehaw. So there's not alot we can do anyway. Truckers are getting nowhere....pointless...early day.

Jam night tonight. That's just down the street, so I can get down there without issue (that is if the rest of them show). Let's see how I manage singing tonight, I'm practising for a gig in the next month or so, I can sing on average maybe 5 songs before I lose my voice. Leftovers from the plague.

And really, that's about it.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

and back I go...

Back to work tomorrow.

Let's summarize my vacation.

Sleep, snotty nose, more sleep, barking like a dog, more sleeping, throwing up due to barking too much, sleep, exhaustion, alot more sleep, forcing food down my throat because I'm not hungry, sleep....see a trend?

Saw a couple of friends here and for the most part I was sick and slept.


Do I feel like I had any time off? Nope. Because I slept 11 days away. Yay.

Yesterday's buffet/jam session was interesting. Received a message from my friend that Jam Flirt would be in attendance. No biggie, I was taking HF with me anyway, my friend S wanted to meet him, and he was a bit depressed yesterday, so it worked out well.

Yeah well I get there and not only is Jam Flirt there with his other friend, he's brought the "girlfriend". Yeah. I put that in quotations for a reason and you'll find out what that is shortly.

Turns out my friend S knows the "girlfriend" from a bar she plays in, "girlfriend" doesn't work there anymore (waitress) but anyway... S looks at me and mouths "I couldn't get to the phone to call you & warn you!"

No biggie. I have so much more going for me than this woman, except that she's thin and very pretty, but that's where it ends, it really didn't matter. And let's face facts, I was there with HF, he's hot, they don't know who he is (except I'm honest to a fault, I said we work together).

So. I behaved as I usually do, like I'm crazy, roaming around, playing tunes, brought out my guitar which Jam Flirt is in love with (the 12 string), playing with my friend A's daughter (we redheads stick together). They're my friends, we were having a good time, I'm not behaving differently.

EVERYONE absolutely loved HF, I think doing the dishes also got him many points, but everyone said they could totally see why I like him so :)

Please note that he was very comfortable with everyone. But he's a personable guy.
The "girlfriend" on the other hand looked uncomfortable the entire time. Jam Flirt didn't sit beside her once the whole time, just went outside with her one time for a smoke (she got him started smoking again, sigh, people who smoke...)

They left early (she had a dinner with someone elsewhere) and the party went on until much later.

On the way home, HF, who knows that I was interested in Jam Flirt, gave me his assessment. He's the most observant man I know. Seriously.

- Jam Flirt is a nice, intelligent guy, personable, confident and fun to be around

- she is not a "girlfriend", she's just a date

- Jam Flirt likes me better than the "girlfriend", interacts more with me then her, watches me when I'm across the room, smiles at me constantly and generally enjoys my company

- as soon as he realises there's not much to her, it'll be done and over with - HF figures pretty quickly because there's not much there other than perhaps physical attraction

- that Jam Flirt is somewhat in awe of me, because of my singing, the instruments I play etc. Please note this man is a professional musician who sings and plays his fair share of instruments also. No reason to be in awe of me.

Which is all exactly the same thing that both myself and my friend S thought.

Funny that.

It's generally thought, by myself as well as my friend S, that he had no idea I was interested, in fact until I told her I was, she said she had no idea. HIs friends kept asking me why I was going to jam night and I think they were fishing to find out if I enjoyed Jam Flirt, but I won't engage in shit like that, he wanted to know, he could ask and find out.

Anyway. I'll continue to go to jam night because I enjoy it, and continue being me, because I'm not capable of anything else, and keep photographing and keep meeting new people, and who knows what might happen in the future.

And that's the most positivity I can muster at this moment! :)

Saturday, January 3, 2009

the twist

And now i'm going to a brunch that Jam Flirt is attending also.


Friday, January 2, 2009

bad bad blogger

Ok in my defense, I'm still feeling like hell. My sister with this cursed cold has a lung infection, I'm terrified I might get that (I have chronic asthma & bronchitis - if I get something in there I could be sick for quite a in months).

Let's keep the fingers crossed.

I'm supposed to be doing some singing tomorrow and I lose my voice after about 3-4 songs. Kerist. I'll take my honey with me.

Musical lunch/dinner - I'm taking HF along with me. He can meet the clan, he'll enjoy himself I'm sure.

New Years. Yeah. Lovely. I know it's not me....a male friend's hypothesis is that he was keeping his options open. This blonde woman is new. Probably met her around the same time he met me. In fact, I remember her from his gig. And she didn't hang around long, so I don't think they were seeing each other then (and he had alluded to future concerning he and I that night, so I'm sure they weren't involved).

Anyway. That's done. Just going to let this slide, I have potential business for photography through this guy, so I have to keep contact I'm afraid. And I enjoy Jam Night anyway.

She's not very smart (I talked to her for a bit - long story but she's friends with someone that I am friendly with) and she's quite frankly a bimbo....which surprises me with him, he's an intelligent man, except that obviously that is not necessarily what he's looking for in a woman.

And he told me how hot I looked too....twice. Sigh. Fucking figures.

He bought the inferior product. Sorry but :)

So I'll just stick to my platonic male friends, and just ignore men again. Yeehaw.

Happy news was had, friend of mine, Computer Geek, lives here in Montreal, but works down in the US - he's going to be home for 5-6 months. I miss him when he's not here. He's been a friend for a long time - over 10 years, used to live next door. He's seen me at the absolute worst times in my life. Been there for me. I think there might have been something there a while ago, but because of his travelling for work (back only 1 weekend in 4 on average), well nothing happened ever. I cried when he moved to another Canadian city long time ago. I do adore him :) And I should get a salary as his personal secretary (long story, old joke - suffice to say I'm one of the few that he talks to, his friends call me to find out where he is and what he's up to).

And that's the state of me at the moment.

Going to hit the sack, still damned tired.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

and so it goes

He has a tall, blonde, leggy girlfriend.

I don't have much more to say.