Thursday, September 18, 2008

more useless babble

Shipment from hell left Memphis. You may not understand that, but tis a good thing, means it'll be there today and it's due tomorrow. It's ALLLLLLL good! Phew! My hard work/hissy fit did the job.

Slight migraine today, not really sure why, makes no sense, but I am feeling the head pain.

Website is proving usefull, racked up a 3rd gig to photograph a band.

Would be happy as shite to go home right now, I think I need more sleep, but sadly, that's not in the cards.

Personal training yesterday, we had a frank discussion about my stommach. I've lost everywhere except the area between my boobs and belly button and it's pissing me off in a big way. BIG WAY. I don't get it, so we get to work more seriously on that area as it's bothering me greatly. I've lost all this weight and yet I see a photo of myself and still look like a cow even though I know my pants are what? 5 sizes smaller than a year ago?

Grrrr. Bodies. I'd like someone else's please.


Elisabeth said...

Ooh; I can't wait till things between you and your hot co-worker heat up ;-)

Technodoll said...

Maybe he's scared to get fired for harassement or sumting :-)

And you ARE a busy lady, which is a good thing! Maybe that's fueling his fear of rejection, which is a BAD thing.

Hmmm. Next gig, tell him where you're at and say he's welcome to join you? As a "here's a hint, big boy"!

myself said...

elisabeth - your fingers to doG's ears! Me too :)

technodoll - you know, I am attending a gig of a friend's band in Old Montreal on Saturday night and the thought of mentioning it to him occured to me. I almost did it yesterday. I'll do it today and let's see where it gets me huh?