Thursday, July 31, 2008

oh Canada

Best quote of the day:

"fuck public transport, I like my head better than trees"

That is my friend who lives here in Montreal and works in the southern US (goes back and forth numerous times a month.

In response to this:

off with his head

Ok so we have free healthcare. Part of the problem with that is the healthcare system, regardless of me personally contributing 47% of my salary to the government (and that's just me, not the other millions of people in this country), is severley underfunded.

The mentally ill are generally "fixed up" and then sent out to their own devices.

The armchair psychiatrist in me figures this dude is probably schizophrenic, either undiagnosed or released after treatment, and knowing what I do about schizophrenia (a former co-worker ended her life, ended the voices, by jumping into a freeway when I was 19 - the Decarie for you Montrealers), chances are he had stopped his meds because he felt better or they just weren't working, as is frequently the case.


That's all I'm saying


Technodoll said...

the best "are you off your fucking meds?" scene ever filmed...

adventure grrl said...

Hee hee hee!!!

myself said...

Ahahahah TD that is one of my favorite movies EVAR!!!!!!

Adventure girl...good one eh?