Wednesday, July 30, 2008

doooo dee doo dee doooooo

Technically speaking, I should be the happy owner of a neato keeno new shiny laptop today.

But I dunno. Puro looks like it's still in the states. Booger.

And my stuff from the Ex is also on it's's the Nascar race in Montreal this weekend, gotta do the company thing and have a Hamelin shirt yanno (the Ex team, driver #11)! Considering popping down that one...why one asks, does a huge F1 affictionado want to hang with the red-necks? Well. Cuz?

But as usual, I have way too much to do at home.

Did NOT get my press pass for Joshua Radin. Grrrr. Not only did I email management weeks ago, the manager herself answered yesterday with "oh, I thought someone else had already answered you". Disorganized. Amazing that her roster of artists is even remotely successful.

Shitgoddamn as a friend would say.

Can't photograph it, I ain't goin'.

It's not so bad, my friend didn't even get a response to his request for Coldplay last night, however, I'm sure everyone and their cousin asked for that one.

But I have a list of things I'd like to photograph (people this is)...and one by one, I need to contact management.

Crapola. I gotta get that computer soon, mine is choking under it's workload. Tried to edit some photos last night and it objected.

Course it'll take me days to get all the Dell shite off the new one, and then reinstall everything, but hey, what else do I have to do in life eh?


Yeah. Lots.

Sushi tomorrow with friends. I have a girlfriend that just senses my sushi cravings, and I can't even SAY the word to her that just sets her off. So she emailed last night....yey! My favorite. Sea swimmers and bottom dwellers!

Trying to plan what I need doing this weekend along with what I want to be doing. Oh my. Two days isn't enough (so I took 2 days vacation for Monday & Tuesday).

Actually. Monday & Tuesday I have to wear this asshat blood pressure thing, and I don't want to go into work with it on. Stupid buttheaded thing. I also need to go in and get my blood taken....everytime I get there it's a huge line and I say fuckit almost immediately. My patience for our medical system is about zero I'd say.

This of course interferes with my desire to photograph Jack Johnson.


Such is life.

Anyway. Not much exciting happening currently, nothing has set me off, nothing has excited me, nothing, nothing nothing.

So, I'm going down for my bagel (thankyouverymuch proper Montreal bagel!) and coffee, and then I'll ponder the universe while I watch.

Letcha know if I come up with anything interesting :-)


Technodoll said...

I need to stop to catch my breath after reading your post, LOL!

No wonder you need a 4-day weekend, girl... whew!! Oh and am also waiting for my new laptop, damn thing is taking forfuckingever to build and ship. And it's just off the shelf stuff, too - can I tell you I hate DELL!!

*never again*

Surfergrrl said...

your world sounds a lot like my world right now. lots to do...maybe not much motivation to do it??