Thursday, July 24, 2008

and so more of the same!

Ok, so I'm still in internet hell. Internet up...except that it disconnects every 3 seconds. Very frustrating. They're trying to tell me it's something in my house, which, I guarantee it ain't...nothing gets near the equipment....we had a big thunder/lightening storm, and now something is f-ed up (and apparently same with phones in the area, about 10 houses without phone).

Then I discover my home phone isn't working. Why you ask? Not a clue. So I call. Well I owe a debt so they disconnected me. What debt? Erm. Don't ask me. The beauty of online banking I have a listing of every transaction made on an account....meaning I can give them a list of all payments to Bell Canada. So finally after 3 phone calls and me losing it (I admit, I lost it), they said "oh, we made a mistake" and restored my service.

Shoot me? Please? Because I am going to kill someone otherwise and I'd rather be dead than in prison being made the bitch of some woman nicknamed "Bubba".

Totally random, but I look mega cute today. I have this blouse I don't wear often, asian inspired and my hair up and lovely brown pants, brown heels, I look really cute.

Let's hope a random meeting with dude upstairs with same name as my ex is forthcoming?

Yeah who am I kidding?

I had a lovely evening last night buying myself sweat pants for the gym, or rather those workout pants that end at yours knees, but OMG I hate Walmart with a passion...or maybe it's just the people that shop at Walmart (and therefore do I hate myself?). $130 later....and I also have a booblicious shirt. That I kinda have to take in a bit (room for the boobs, but too much room under the arms....story of my life, why do they assume overweight people have huge arms?).

I start back at the gym after a self-imposed (read into that money) month long sabbatical from personal training. Or torturing. But my trainer is hot and super sarcastic and not peppy and hey I like him for that. No love him. When I was asked what kind of personality I wanted my trainer to have, I said "if it's a perky person, consider I may kill them". I hate the gym. Nothing is going to change that, I just know that I need to go. I don't need someone that's happy happy all the time, they'll end up getting whacked in the head.

So I got Not-Perky Trainer. Who tells me to go fuck myself when I don't want to do something, I'm not allowed to tell him no, makes fun of me when I whine, and I get along with really well. Also turns out he knows my sister (they worked at a gym together), has met my parents (therefore has met my mother and knows why I am the way I am) and knows my brother in law. And I am a project he wants to succeed with. Now if I could just get off my ass...

Speaking of family. I am SO looking forward to Saturday. I have personal training at 10, an appointment with the behaviorist for the little piranha at 1, and then have to get in my car, drive to Brockville (2 hours about) for dinner with my 85 year old grandmother and the rest of my irritating family, and then 2 hours later turn around and go home (another 2 hour drive).

Can I hear an oh joy? Yeah didn't think so.

I want to go out that night, not futz around driving all over the place. Grrrrrrrrr.....sometimes I wish I had been born and then left under a tree somewhere to be raised by the chipmunks. I absolutely hate having to rush on the weekend, I've done enough of it during the week. At least my non-Ontario sister is coming home with me (my parents and one sister defected to Ont-borio as I like to call it - that sister lives in Odder-blah - parents south of Odder-blah) so I have company and don't fall asleep in the dark.


Grandmother will undoubtedly tell me I've taken on weight (like a ship takes on water) which of course I haven't, in fact I've lost weight, and she'll ask me why I'm still single.

And then I'll shoot her.

It's my dad's mother, so she asks the single question, because my other grandmother, who gave birth to my mother and raised her miraculously without killing her, knows why I'm single. I'm just like my mother.

My father is a freakin' saint, and my grandmother apologizes to him often for saddling him with her.

Anyway, enough of my kvetching, because you know, it's such a fabulously gorgeous day out today and ....

Oh's cloudy, rainy and fucking humid as all all you curly haired types, I look like Lori Partridge right now, my hair is straight and mousse + humidity = flat as fuck hair stuck right to my head. VERY attractive. So it's pulled up otherwise I look like some huge street urchin (seeing as again, I'm 6 feet tall in heels today - I am not going to get over that one, why do intelligent men become blithering idiots when they can't realize that a 5'8" woman becomes 5'11" in heels???? seriously???? can you boneheads add?)

Ok sarcasm is activated this morning.

Good job.


Anonymous said...

I HATE Walmart too. That place is not good for my rage.

Two Date Diva said...

I hate the phone/cable companies. They are idiots! I've had problems with my cable service and had them tell me it was disconnected because I owed 50 cent on a bill. WTF? It turned out that I had a bad cable and my service was never disconnected. Idiots all of them.

Technodoll said...

OK where are you, yoooo hooo! *waves* Are you all right or has the weather finally gotten to you!

Hope Saturday wasn't as miserable as expected...

(( hugs ))

myself said...

Gooseberried - ugh on the Walmart, and I will never use the self serve machines because I SEE DUMB PEOPLE!

Diva - well turns out they were right in the end, it was something inside...a fuse on the line (the box is inside the house which is apparently unusual)

TD - living, migraine, no more needs to be said!