Sunday, July 13, 2008

dating 101

So date #1 is now under my belt.

Technically speaking this is my first date in a year and a half. HH doesn't count, that was nothing official it turns out.

Nice guy. Don't think there were sparks of which to speak, but I don't take a shine super quick to most men, I have to meet them a few times to get a feeling. Not sure about him, but I got a hug at the end of the date.

Other guy I heard from last night. Work schedule because of what he does for a living, which I totally get, it interferes. I can work with that. Not a problem, god knows my job has gotten in the way many times. Who am I to object to the same in another person?

There is something I definitely know I like about this guy, maybe because he's a bit older than me (which is rare for me, I am not usually interested in men older than me), but has a very young attitude (except for last night, invited him to come join me at my girlfriend's gig, but he was exhausted from his day). I think he's cute too even if that completely amazes him.

Sigh. Back on the horse. Not sure what snapped in me, but something did and I decided I may as well. I hate it, but I'm finding I don't hate it quite as badly as I used to. Maybe I just wasn't in the right place before. I know I've done alot of changing in the past while, changing for the good, I'm more friendly, more outgoing, so I guess this is part of it.

Anyhoo. That and 4 pairs of shoes and a bunch of books at Chapters (got out of there for $19.89) is my weekend in a nutshell.

Really, must I go to work tomorrow? I have way too much to do here, things I never did do.

I also need dinner, and haven't made anything. Bad bad bad.


Technodoll said...

Ya know, dating is a bit like the lottery... you can't win if you don't play.

I was on my last dregs before Vegas, had sworn off men cuz I was just exhausted of failing over and over again. Hah. Fate sure laughed at moi!

So never give up... or "they" win. And you know we cannot have that happen!!

myself said...

Yeah I do hate it though. It's full of disappointment, embarassment, whatever, I loathe doing it.

I swear off men frequently. All the time as a matter of fact. For lengths of time.

The men never do come running when I do that however....oh well.

Technodoll said...

Would you rather be a bored housewife with 2.5 kids, home in the burbs, in a dead-end job with a beer-bellied nut-scratching golf-loving husband?

I thought not :-)

PrincessB said...

$19.89! How is that possible! I love books.

I am off the dating scene for now. Still reeling from all the changes and such. So swearing them off for now.

Good for you though! Keep it up!

Two Date Diva said...

I know the ambivalent feelings about dating well. You hate it, but it's like going to the dentist, unless you want to be unhappy, you do it anyway. I swear off men occasionally too. It just gets to be too much and you can't make your self go on anymore disappointing dates. Congrats on getting back on the horse.

myself said...

TD - bored housewife? hahahahahahhaa if you met me you would SO know that would never happen. Suzie Homemaker I am definitely not! Far from it (I need a maid AND a gardener goddamnit!)

PrincessB - yep, under $20 and I got 7 books, two of them were $2 a pop, my girlfriend was amazed when I was hardly even in the store and already had 3 in my arms. I warned her...I read alot...or I try to...busy these days! Tis good to swear off men sometimes. You'll get your groove back.

Diva - yep back on the horse. Forgot it's like a damned job interview...mumble mumble....