Friday, August 1, 2008

I compute!

Ok, although I am typing this on the laptop from work, I am ABSOLUTELY IN LOVE WITH MY NEW COMPUTER!!!

TD, mine arrived a week and a bit earlier then it's estimated delivery date.

Oh man worth the wait.

So I was up til almost 3 fiddling on it. Well, also yakking to the 7 year younger guy from Facebook as well. Monsieur Flirt as I have named him. Not sure what's up with that, but I enjoy the yak, we've talked getting a beer perhaps this weekend, and I could NOT get him off the computer regardless of him having to be at work super early today. Dunno. But we'll see.

It's the Highland Games in Montreal this weekend and you know what that means right?


It also means redheads. Any Montrealers venturing out, the wild and crazy redhead on the other end of a Nikon is me. With the equally wild and crazy redhead - but she's shorter and has curls (BITCH!) There's funnel cake and beer and a hell of a lot of men to flirt with. How more perfect can a day get?

And being Montreal, it will of course, RAIN!


More crashes though!

I am also considering going to Nascar, a friend has a ticket she's trying to sell (think she told her husband he's not allowed to go roflmao). But not sure. The idea of watching Jacques Villeneuve crash is highly appealing though ;-) Bad Quebecer!

And my company shirt didn't show. My lunch bag and shirt. Goddamn. I have all the badge pulls I could want now though (I keep breaking the fucking things).

Ok if Monsieur Flirt wants to get together, where am I going to fit him in? Erm. He's cute, I'm sure I can fit him in somewhere. And keeps referring to me as babe and I haven't killed him (or wanted to). Hrm. Ususally I want to punch a guy out for that.

Maybe I'm growing up?


Amazing how we realize the red flags we see and don't quite catch them at the time? That is a confusing sentence, but I do know what I'm trying to say.

Not-so-nice-guy made me feel anxious and I didn't realize it. Why do I figure that? Because Monsieur Flirt doesn't.


Anyway, those are my musings for today.

None too intelligent, but that's lack of sleep and lack of coffee.

Is it bad I want to go home and fiddle with the computer instead of the millions of things I have on this weekend? My friend the computer geek tells me that unless I'm a geek, it is wrong lol.

Funny guy.

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Technodoll said...

You're lucky... no computer in sight for me and it's due here Monday.

Yeah, riiiiight.

And i NEED it here by Monday, to get it configured for the tradeshow in LA next week. Why do things always take so bloody LONG! GARGH!

I really really hope you squeeze your nice guy in your weekend schedule somewhere.. yep, gonna rain. What else is new?