Thursday, July 17, 2008

well it's a start?

Well, last night when I came home, I cut down the tree that was growing in my side bush.

Ok the tree that TOOK OVER my side bush. Along with vines. While vines look lovely growing up the side of my house, their little tentacles go into my brick, and eat at the grout, so technically, I shouldn't leave them.

However they are fully ensconced so now I have to leave them til they're dead.


And then I went to bed at 7:30, got up around 10, fiddled til 1, and now I'm up again and raring to go to work.


Ok not raring. I'm not even dressed yet and it's 8.

I am a lazy bitch.

I do think my sleep is messed up completely. Sleep wise, I think I may have had a flu-ish situation Monday & Tuesday.

And thankyouverymuch, I'd like to actually have an enjoyable weekend, as in not sleep it away.

So, I went to bed at 7:30.

The garbage is at the curb, and I did the recycling. What more can everyone ask from me huh?


Technodoll said...

Have you done your ironing yet? Cleaned your fridge? Dusted the back of the TV and brushed your dogs' teeth? No?



myself said...

Well I don't own an iron, if it's wrinkly, it gets worn wrinkly (I own a great deal of knits as you can see).

Dust...yeah I know what that is. It stays.

The fridge was cleaned a few weeks ago.

Brushing the dogs teeth is amusing. That's not work. I like the laughing that I do...Mean mommy!