Thursday, July 10, 2008

early mornings and I are NOT buds!

Ugh. Had to take the little beastie on 4 wheels in to the dealership to get it's 6 month thingie done (at 9 months), appointment at 7 bloody am! Yucko. Luckily it's close to home and a 10 minute drive in the morning, but with doggies etc this still meant getting up at 6 am.

6 am sucks! I am just sayin'!

I was at work waayyy early, I'm sure a few people passed out (I'd rather work over my lunch and take work home with me then kill myself to be in on time in the morning - so I'm almost never on time).

I am without car. Stuck in St Laurent without car. If you knew where I work, you would understand the stress this puts me under. It would take me 3 buses to get here from home if that's the way I did it. Three. And the drive without traffic is about 10 minutes. Yeah. Oh yeah 3 buses and an hour and a half to 2 hours transit EACH DIRECTION.

They wonder why those of us that live/work in the 'burbs don't take the bus. That's because I don't want to waste 4 hours of my day, thankyouverymuchcityhallthatcan'tmanagemoneyworthSHIT!

But I digress.

So, the record company (the indie label), "purchased" photos from me. By purchased I mean I bartered for cds, they're a small canadian label, and I want cds which are 15-20 bucks a pop, so they get one use of my photos and I get a pack of cds in the mail.

WOOT! First photo sale! I am proud of me!

MANY MANY thanks to Surfergrrl for her information which I hope to find is invaluable....if not, the thought and effort were there, and I mucho appreciate it!

So I sit here today on pins and needles hoping for my first big contract since coming to this company to come through. Looks good, today is the final decision. Please crossing your fingers, professionally I need this. I also got us another smaller contract and that is a good thing also.

Things are looking up.

Not to mention I look mega cute today. I really do. I love this skirt I bought last year, it's too big for me now probably but I don't really care, I wear it still, and it still looks good.

See, me, redhead, so I wear alot of brown and khaki green, and this skirt is white, lime green, khaki green and green/turquoise blue, and flouncy and feminine and I look freakin hot in it.

Thank you. I look hot.

On the subject of hot, I did something yesterday I do rarely, I wrote someone on an online dating site. Now, I belong to 2 of them, and never use them, one that is paid for the other is free. This was on the free site, saw the guy's photo and thought he was awfully cute (tall, geeky looking with glasses, oh my!) Oh and he doesn't want kids, this is mucho importante for me, I have fertility issues to begin with anyway, and I just don't want that hassle of someone that must procreate, not to mention I've never really wanted kids and think this world we live in isn't one I want to bring any into. Don't get me wrong, if you feel you must, that's your deal and I'll love your little babies til they're 2 and then I want to give them away, to return at about ermmmm.....7 or so. I hate toddlerhood!

So anyway. He wrote me back and seems interested in meeting. Which is great. Funny dude. I like funny. Just hope he's not a carbon copy of my ex husband, that would NOT be so great!

Today would be good. Me so hot and all. Except it's sushi nite with the girls. Yey!

And on that car is ready, off I go to get it. I love parting with my money :-O My back door wasn't opening...well that would be because my child lock was deployed. Don't ask me how to turn that one on and off let me tell you....


Prin said...

Good luck! :)

lol @ the kiddie lock thing. :D

myself said...

Merci merci.

Yes. The kiddie lock. I am officially an idiot...the mechanic was laughing at me....sigh.