Friday, July 11, 2008

and so they crawl out of the woodwork

So....get rid of one, and they will come.

So I told you yesterday about the guy I emailed on the dating site...well we're doing coffee on Sunday afternoon. Yey!

On top of it there's this guy (Nice Guy) I've been corresponding with on and off, and we talked for almost an hour on the phone yesterday, then he called last I guess we're going to meet soon. He's funny...had me almost crying in laughter...

So. The HH is gone....hiding with tail between legs, and all of a sudden look who's the popular girl?

Geez. Frightening.

Not that anything will work out, but at least I'm actually accepting date requests? It's a good thing. It's a big deal for me actually, because I'm so dating-phobic. Or have been.

See, last boyfriend I had turned out to be a liar and crack-head. Not sure I mentioned it before. Liar because he kept it from me til his life started to fall apart. I should have known, my former brother in law was a coke addict (recovering now) and I knew all the signs, in fact I used to tell my ex husband when his brother was using and when he wasn't.

All of this to say....what a mess. So this is where my trust issues come in.

So. Let's hope no one turns out to be a crazy stalking loon, drug addict etc etc etc!

Yeah I know. I'm just sooooooooooooo positive!


Gooseberried said...

Good luck! And of course you're going to have those thoughts. You're meeting someone you've never officially met before! :)

myself said...

Thanks! It went well I think!