Tuesday, July 29, 2008

and she's back!

Yeah. I'm some semblance of ok this morning. Knock on wood please, I need another migraine like yesterday like a big ole hole in my head! Well it wasn't just yesterday, it started Saturday. I love head pain.

$140 in groceries yesterday. Please note, I'm ONE PERSON! Yes there was cat food in there, but not $100 worth!

How strange that Prin and I were at Ikea at the same time yesterday....got placemats, new table, new stuff, cuz my old table was, well, just that, old, so I didn't bother with the niceties.

I work across the highway from Ikea. This is probably NOT a good thing right? Erm nope. However the Ikea card is not full, not nearly, so that's good.

Doggie training is so far going well, he does some of the stuff that I'm supposed to train bitty beastie to do and I didn't even realize it. Now driving him to pee is going to be a pain in the ass though (he marks in the house, this is to keep him from doing so as is me needing to collect urine from other dogs....I love my dog, I love my dog...)

He's very stressed out I'm told (how the hell did I realize that) and what has worked with other dogs doesn't work with him....so I'm to put him at the bottom of the pack, which he is, and his stress level will reduce (I didn't realize I needed to do that with him, the agression, dominance, I just assumed he was top of the dogs..*I* am top top dog).

Well it's working. He didn't sit on me and shake last night. When he gets on the sofa I have to make sure it's my idea, not his, but...it's going well. Phew.

Men. There are none. LMAO. That was short and sweet! Ah I did meet someone via one of those stupid Facebook aps that my girlfriend convinced me to try, we've been yakking back and forth and he's dead cute, but a francophone...my mother would absolutely die (dude is putting up with my unpractised French for which he has my eternal gratitude - problem with a non-mother tongue language is that if you don't use it you lose it, and baby, work in international transportation for an American company and see how much you use! Except for France/Belgium/Germany/Austria it's always English - I speak German also you see - worked for Lufthansa for 7 years, and when you study music they suggest German and Italian lessons - gotta know what you're singing....)

Speaking of singing, TD I just realized I have the ability to put some stuff up on Youtube. Frightening. I'll letcha know.

Anyway, he's cute, younger (I beat you TD...7 years), which I like, a bit chubby, probably shorter, haven't asked but assuming from photos, and smart cookie and the french thing of being called "ma belle" is quite nice let me tell you (all these years in Montreal - well whole life - and I've never dated a francophone, gimme a break k? it's sweet).

Interesting prospect I guess?

My thoughts have also turned to a guy that I never persued and should have, he was a bass player for a celtic band I love (Kitchen Party, well worth going to see!), he and I used to sit and chat between sets, before sets, whatever, but I went to see them once and he wasn't there, which didn't surprise me, he had a lot going on workwise and this was a heavy working band (tours of Scotland/England etc), he'd said something to the effect that it was too much because of his business (owns a rehearsal hall/room place). Tripped over photos of him while backing up my hard drive.

Why didn't I persue him again? Oh yeah. Too chicken. That's me all over.

And I'm babbling. And I need to get back to work, if I think of anything else I need to say I'll post again, but at this point life is pretty stable, boring even.

Except my Dell is coming tomorrow....muahahahhahaa. Which means seeing my ex husband to get him to remove all the Dell bullshite stuff. Yay. And I still need to get out and buy my router...there's a Future Shop next door....I'll go there...although I usually want to kill people there.

It's not Ikea. Dammitall.


Technodoll said...

7 is a lucky number, eh? Gonna rock you all night, aaaaalll niiiiight... he he, me so corny :-D

I'd kill myself (me, not you) if I had to work near the met. Fucking met, a personal nightmare of mine. *shudder* How do you do it?!

Oh and go read this, it works like a charm! http://k9deb.com/nilif.htm

or just google NILIF and bingo.

I should be a trainer :-D (NOT)

myself said...

I'm not near the Met actually, I am near it but one exit before it heading east, and I'm driving west....so no biggie!

Yep it's sort of NILIF, I just had to get the behaviorist to tell me what I was doing wrong (seeing as this is generally how I raise my dogs anyway...ignoring them when they demand attention etc).

With a little extra urine involved. Geezus.

myself said...

PS 7 is my lucky number for some reason.

However, you've seen my dating record of late....yeah....going there is futile!