Wednesday, July 16, 2008

the weekend is *this* much closer!

Wishing my days away, not supposed to be doing that, I know.

Can I haz a few days off? That's all I want...need...require!

Coffee with the Nice Guy was had last night. Me likey. Nice guy, a little weird (sorta like me), we had fun, it was easy, opened doors for me (yes can pull your jaw up off the floor, I actually had no problem with it), paid for my coffee (tea actually) and gave me a kiss on the cheek at the end of the evening after walking me to my car to make sure I got away safe. Awww.

I get the distinct impression he's a bit insecure with women, but that's alright, doesn't bother me much, there are worse things to be. He's a nice guy, that's much more important. Insecure is fine, arrogant would piss me the hell off.

So. I enjoyed myself. Go figure. Attracted to him. Go figure again. And as usual, me and the geeky/dorky guys with glasses. Except he's a runner, so I'm sure that under that clothing is a solid dude with a nice bod. Rowr....too bad I can't offer the same...yet, getting there....slowly, but I am now able to get shirts in normal stores, XXL or XL, but regardless. Bottom half? Erm. Big ass, big thighs, size 14 in the plus stores, no choice!

Made a comment when I got out of my car though "OH MY GOD YOU'RE 6 FEET TALL!" Nope. Heels. I'm 5'11" in 3 inch heels, while 5'8" isn't waaayyyy over female average height, it is tall for a woman. As TD calls me, amazon. Oh well.

Anyhow. Here's hoping we do it again.

Otherwise not much going on around here in my land....have a disasterous house, so that needs cleaning, laundry piled high, and I'm being the lazy bitch that I am. Or rather, going for dinner with friends and out on coffee dates instead of doing the things I need to.

I hate cleaning,loathe etc, and I have to get it in gear, if I just do the big stuff now and try to maintain it won't be so bad. Maintaining is my issue, I can't manage and I can't explain why.

Ok. Back to work.

Dangerous goods. Me or the stuff we're trying to ship?


Technodoll said...

he he: amazon lady IS dangerous goods! yessum! reeeerrr!

well that is all freaking good news, was so happy to read that! a man who has manners and turns you on, etc? jackpot!!

See? just when you least expect it... the joojoo sneaks up on ya :-D

myself said...


Well, although I doubt one would kiss someone that they held no interest in on the cheek as they leave, I just have to wait and see I guess.

Nice guy. Hrm. What a shocker?!!!??!