Thursday, July 17, 2008

pardon me who are you talking to?


Could TD be right about the joo-joo? Where the HELL did this come from?

Could it actually be that someone *I* am interested in is actually interested in me?

The conversation was interesting. Asking me if I was interested in him at all (no, I call all men I go out on a date with willingly, specially when I don't like 'em at all....duuuhhhhhh).

He had to go due to a work phone call, but, erm, I think he'll call me back later.

He's just so polite. I'm gonna pass out, seriously, this is NOT what I'm used to at all.

Interesting little anecdote, we were supposed to go out for coffee the weekend before the HH returned. But something happened work wise and he couldn't. Maybe I needed to see how a butthead treated me to be amazed at how damned nice this guy is?

Dunno. But I'll go with it.


Technodoll said...

Ya gotta believe in the joo-joo, hun... it doesn't always work on a schedule but it DOES happen - specially to people who deserve it ;-)


myself said...

Basking with silly grin on face.

Lord. I'm becoming one of those people I hate.