Sunday, July 27, 2008


I'm alive, I'm here, I'm just migrainey and been bloody busy this weekend!

Yesterday was a full full day, personal training, behaviorist with the dog from hell (aka the piranha) see the photo! NOT an innocent as he looks. Man I have alot of work to be doing now, let me tell you. His problems are VAST.

Then it was off to Brockville for the family thing, and thankfully it's over. Phew. I wanted to kill my nephews. Seriously. My sister just laughs.

Today it was brunch and I have a horrible migraine now. Slept half the afternoon away. So no worries, hopefully tomorrow I'll feel a bit better!


Technodoll said...

Awe... (( hugs )) from your migrainy other half! sucks eh? mutter.

Are you working on the NILIF method for your munchkin?

myself said...

What's that mean? Now I'm lauching it with my Foot?

Cuz let me tell you...

he's very insecure, marks everything in the house (not a crating issue, crating is fine, it's the back being turned that's a problem), and that's hard to correct, involves taking him to pee separate from everyone else, this thing with dog pee and cotton balls (I have to collect dog urine, oi), yep lots 'o work.

Little shite.