Tuesday, July 22, 2008

cursed redux

Ok so went home at lunch to verify that the internet was back on as advised.


Call to India again (let's face it, their call center is in India, as much as they might deny it!) and get someone that finally figures out that oops someone sent my problem to the wrong department and it's actually as a result of the storm last Thursday night and the equipment for my DSL line needs to be replaced.

Lose it? Yeah, I lost it.

They assure me it's to be done by 5 pm tomorrow. I said no today, they said no tomorrow, I screamed more. Well, I don't scream, I just get nasty.

And to top it all off my new laptop showed up. And I so wanted to play with it. Piss. me. off!!!!!

Now I have to rearrange the living room. Oi.

That is all from me, for now, 3 posts in one day, unreal.


Technodoll said...

he he - the stereotyping isn't even funny anymore, it's blatant reality!!


ooo new laptop!! what did you get??

myself said...

I got a Dell XPS, I needed something more powerful for my photoshopping, and I wanted to get the desk etc out of my living room.

So there's ya go!

Very happy I hope! Tonight I sit and install things (like Photoshop) on it!