Wednesday, July 9, 2008


So I'm an evil little witch, sitting at home with a big grin on my face yesterday.

Do I enjoy slapping down others?


In this case do I give a flying f*ck?


You know, he's so angry because I caught him lying. It amuses me so. And you know what? I guarantee you when this one cools off, he'll turn up again like a bad penny.
Because his long distance love is...well, just that. Long distance.

Liars. Yeah not so much. Right up there with cheaters.

There's a line from a song I enjoy greatly, and it goes something like this "Maybe I'm naive, but I'm not f*cking stupid".

Great line.

And exactly what I'd love to say to his face, but I'm not going to have that chance!

So onto other things. Not like I'm bored in life at all, god, sleep is a commodity that I'm seriously lacking in. Not to mention, back to the gym, I've been a bad girl and haven't gone in a few weeks, however in my defense, this heat/humidity isn't helping at all. I don't even want to move, and breathing is an option. Add to that this lovely sinus infection (who gets colds/sinus infections in the DEAD OF SUMMER?), and well, I'm not in the mood to go to the gym. Luckily as well, I'm in no mood to eat, so I guess it works out huh?

Ok. I need to eat something (yeah I know I have no appetite but I force myself) and if I don't get coffee into me I'm going to pass out face down on my computer.

My girlfriend is convinced I'm going to meet someone through my photography. I guess we'll see. I've already got my next victims in my site for August 1st....Joshua Radin and his 2 opening acts (one of whom is Vanessa Carlton). Working on that one. Would love to photograph the Osheaga Festival(or whatever it's called) with Jack Johnson, but I doubt that sucker is happening any time soon, getting into the festival will be hard enough, but Jack Johnson is probably one of the main targets of most photographers. I'll see what I can do...I think a fellow blogger is a Jack fan....but I'm pulling a blank (Surfergrrrl?). Perhaps she has an in ;-)

On that note...I am going to go downstairs and get coffee....glorious coffee!!


Two Date Diva said...

You're not evil, you're standing up for yourself. He's just lucky you didn't run him over with your car! And don't you just love it when they boomerang back around thinking that you somehow forgot what as ass they were?

Anonymous said...

I agree with diva. Liars and cheaters (which are essentially the same things) are bad and you need not feel bad about calling them on it.

Photography, huh? I need someone to teach me a thing or two!

myself said...


Diva - way back when I would have put up with this crap, hoping he would change his mind about me. Older I get, the less I do that sort of thing. Thank god. As for the boomerang...they always do. Amazing when whatever they're involved with doesn't work out, they realize that I was so wonderful. Sorry, no thanks!

Princessb - I actually really loved emailing him and calling him on the lies. It felt...empowering. As for photography, I am no expert, I sort of decide what looks good and shoot it. Record label owner emailed me today brimming with compliments though...made me feel good!

Surfergrrl said...

yup, it's me. i'll email you the info i have. not sure it will be helpful but it's worth a try.

Technodoll said...

It is lovely to see you so happy and bubbly like this! woohoo!

And food is overrated in this stupidly crappy weather - wtf is wrong with this place! ugh!

Glorious coffee... hot, cold, whatever - just gimme. gimme now.

myself said...

Well TD...takes me a bit to decide what to do, but when I's pretty ok.

I don't need what he's offering.