Wednesday, July 2, 2008


For a second I thought to myself that I'd like to do the Dove chocolate tasting that Technodoll and prin are enjoying.

Then I thought of the migraines.

Ok no maybe not. Considering it's sunny out and I have a migraine. Go figure.

Working hard today. My company has these STUPID forms from hell, all these acronyms that stand for something that's supposed to make sense and I have to fill out a 10 pages of tiny type...ARGHHH.

However got a lucky added bonus from a supplier....a ticket to see Aretha Franklin!!! Woooo hoooooo!!!! She is like, one of my absolute favorite artists, I can't even explain my current feeling of woot! Sadly, no photographs at Place des Arts! Booooo!

Things with the HH....hrmmmmmm.........was seen in person twice this past weekend, very email attentive, however....don't think as much as he likes me he's at that place. Maybe I'm wrong. To quote the dudes from BTO - "let it ride". And so I will.

Having some trouble with a girlfriend. Dunno why she's been so snotty with me recently, except that her ex is still weighing on her and I'm pretty sure causing her some heartache and insecurity. Except there is no need to take that out on me. Not at all. I've been nothing except nice and supportive, and she accused me of not wanting her to go somewhere with me, out of the blue.

Let's get something straight. I am not the type of woman to sit and plot evilly. I am sort of like a guy, I go thru life taking things as they are, face value, I don't sit and think of ways to hurt other people or make their lives difficult. It didn't even occur to me to keep her from going to this event, in fact, she never answered me if she wanted a lift there or not. The fault is hers. The apology will have to be hers too. I blew yesterday at her. I knew she would react about it, but I told her I won't discuss it until she's calmed down. Period. I'm walking away until she can discuss something rationally. Which, at this time I don't think she's capable of.

Accusing me. ME????? I give my friends the shirt off my goddamned back. I don't plot against them.


And people wonder why I sometimes prefer men to women for friends. THIS IS WHY!

Anyway. Back to work. And that form from hell. And the acronyms from hell. GAH!


Technodoll said...

I know what you mean... wimmin are so high maintenance! ghah.

Well, some of them are... we all know you and me aren't part of that hysterical group :-D

I hate forms with a passion. *holds myself's hand in sympathy*

myself said...

I have a few lady friends, and a whack of guy friends. Period. There's a reason for it!

Oh that form. I swear printed it would be 40 pages long. Geezus.