Thursday, July 3, 2008

and it's a new day


Great news! It's my friend Computer Geek's birthday this weekend and he's in town so he suggested we do breakfast. Well yay!

See CG works in the US most of the time, lives here, but works down there for a few weeks at a time. He's driving up right now. Nutcase.

So I had a coffee date last night and HH was quite interested to hear that I had gone on one. It wasn't good, but that's besides the point. No dude, I'm not sitting around waiting for you to straighten out your shit. And he knows about CG.

See, CG I would date in a heartbeat. We met when I was married, I think I was 27 and he was 21. A very mature 21, almost had a heart attack when I heard what a kid he was. And we got along like crazy from day one. When my marriage was ending, he had a crush on me and vice versa, but shitty timing... not sure if that is still the case for either of us, but we get along and have fun together (as in my F1 buddy), so I'm not gonna complain.

And I made sure HH knows all about the history. Yeah suffer like I suffered when I read what I did.

So it's shaping into a very interesting weekend so far. Very exciting. Even if I don't get press passes for the Ottawa Blues Fest, I have things to do here. No complaints (CG told me not to go to Ottawa, he's more fun....let's hear an awwwww.....).

Tired today, this cold is kicking the crap out of me, not to mention I can't sleep. Have a test at the hospital this afternoon so I'll sleep while I wait (and hopefully not miss it when they call my name!).

And then tonight, Aretha!

Yep. Good weekend starting tonight.

Back to work seeing as I'm leaving at 1:45!


Technodoll said...

You have yourself a rockin' time, OK? it's goygeous out (for once), you get to spend good times with your men(s) and don't forget the ice-cream!

Anything sunny above 22C deserves ice-cream. ouain.

Have fun at the hossspital.. he he! NOT!

Surfergrrl said...

interesting development!!!