Tuesday, July 15, 2008


I have a severe case of summeritis.

Sometimes also referred to as the I-can't-want-to's.

As in, I'm at work why? Can't I have the summer off like the school kids? I can't? Why? I don't understand, I need it!

I would like to announce that I sold photos to the independent record company (and by sold I mean bartered for cds) and the photos are now up on their site, with my name in lights. I am proud. So much fun. Lining up my next victims as we speak. Very exciting.

If nothing else, it allows me my creativity, which I really need.

Now I'm considering either upgrading my freestanding computer or investing in a new laptop. My computer is objecting to the load that Photoshop puts on it, I'm using it alot now, and it's way slow. Too slow for the volume.

Dunno which way to go, am trying to be sensible about all of this. Perhaps new guts and a new screen, 22 inches, make life easier for editing? Hrm.

Food for thought.

I also need to hire someone to take care of my yard. What a mess. A complete disaster, I've allowed everything to overgrow and it's taking over the world. Or at least my house. I have nothing under control in this respect dammit.

So date #1 is not interested, I remind him of his cousin, I'm apparently the spitting image. That's fine, because my interest wasn't there either... The Nice Guy thought I wasn't interested in meeting him...(geez what about an hour long phone call 3 x a week doesn't mean I'm interested) because when he suggested a time I was already busy. Just happened to be a busy week/weekend last week. So I told him that I want to meet him, but that he has to sort of book me in advance, and I know that his job precludes being able to make early plans...but that I'm pretty free this week (hint hint). Think he worked late last night, so hoping to hear from him...I really enjoy talking to him, let's hope I don't have that horrific situation of meeting him and NOT liking him in person or vice versa. Oh well. I'll see. Will keep you up to date on that situation.

Now he has me wondering if I give off an air of disinterest. Geeez, I'm a tough cookie to break. Even for myself :-(

Ok, guess working is a good idea? They pay me for this....apparently...oh JOY! Ah I like my job, don't get me wrong on that...I just think that every 10 years we should be awarded with an entire summer off. It would do the body good.

And on that note....back to it!


Technodoll said...

I like the summer off idea... wanna elope? :-D

myself said...

Let's elope.


I've already had enough and it's not even 10.