Sunday, June 1, 2008

it's been a weekend

Well, now I'm relaxing a bit with a ceasar (yummy) and reflecting on how damned busy this weekend was. Dammitall!

Yesterday was personal torturer, followed by a trip to Telus to figure out what the f*ck is going on with my cell phone. Turns out it's a code 18 (person 18 inches from the screen in computer guy speak!), I inadvertently keep leaving the blue tooth on and with the phone I have it's draining the battery. Duuuh.

Then went and jammed Sarah McLachlan, I'm not used to singing that much anymore ended up a bit hoarse, but that's ok, I'll survive. Had a blast, hoping we do it again soon. Bizarre thing to be doing, but hey, the guys playing were amazingly well rehearsed and it went really well.

Of course nothing goes perfectly in my world, and the house we were rehearsing at was about 10 feet from the home of Hockey Hottie's parents. Yeah. So if I have to go there continuously once a month or so one of the following will happen (or both, this is me), I'll run into him and/or get accused of stalking him because I'm so close by. Oh well. The offending vehicle was in the parking lot no less, meaning he was there. Great. Just my luck.

Yes technodoll...I am cursed!

Then sushi dinner with a few girls, and out to see my friend's band play then out to another friend's band and home.

That was about 2 am I think.

So I slept til 9, walked the dogs, went back to bed til 11, and have been basically a lazy shit ever since.

Think I'll make a bit of jewelry. Should have worked. However, I don't give a crap at this point.

The weekends go so quickly.

Life moves so quickly.

Was supposed to have a date but he had to work for a buddy (he's a photographer). No big deal. Another time. Or not.

Ok back to the production line.....

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Technodoll said...

From the sounds of it after having read your blog backwards... sound more like Fate than a Curse :-D


Yes life it short... so grab it by the balls whenever you can, babe ;-)