Monday, June 30, 2008

day 2 of boredom

I am feeling very unmotivated. Which isn't good for someone in my position, is it?

However I just read something about this being a most unproductive day for most Canadians, as tomorrow is Canada Day....a holiday in the middle of the week (sorta..) AGAIN!

Grrrrrr. There's like 10 people on the island of Montreal working, and I'm one of them.

Okay exaggeration, however....the roads were EMPTY this morning. Seriously, took me 5 minutes to get here, usually takes 15-20 in traffic (I purposely choose jobs close to home, used to go from the West Island to Pointe St Charles every day, even did West Island to Mirabel at one point...NEVER THE FUCK AGAIN!).

I don't know, sometimes I think I need 3 weeks off straight, or a month, but I can't do that I'm afraid. Leftovers from my last job in which I was seriously stressed.

Trying to get another press pass for next week, don't know how I'm going to do with that - the management company won't deal with me, so I had to contact the venue, which will mean probably contacting the promoter. Promoter won't let me chances are. Then next week maybe in Ottawa for the Blues Fest? Ah dunno. I'll see. I have an in at a record label, already did some work for them, so we'll see. I'm an "unaccredited freelancer" so the smaller acts will allow me passes, larger ones won't. This is for the Black Crowes, used to be big, now small, so not sure where I fit into that!

Guess going back to working is a good idea.






Technodoll said...

Hey I'm a working stiff too... mutter. grumble. and it's so gorgeous out today, OF COURSE.

gimme some of that dammitol!!

myself said...


So there's *11* people on the island working!

Natch it's gorgeous, although it's supposed to be tomorrow also. Fingies crossed!