Friday, June 27, 2008


Finally, Friday. It was the longest short week of my life, and probably will have another one next week. Dammitall! These holidays in the middle of the week are ridiculous, but maybe that's just me!

Good night last night. More emails...while I was visiting my bartender friend, and the HH came down and joined me...his idea, not mine.....what? I' m going to tell him to stay home?

It was karaoke night, so I sang (for those not in the know, I can sing, studied ever so briefly at McGill before quitting school altogether), he enjoyed, we had fun, we flirted, and where it goes from there I'm not sure but he wants to get together again this weekend.

I figured I'd let him do the chasing and it seems he thrives on that. I can sit back and do nothing but receive adoration. No problem!

We're having a BBQ at work today, brought my camera so I can take a few photos for the newsletter....why not I say? Launching the new fiscal year (big company, big on employee involvement, can you tell?)

Tonight probably down to the pub, it's close, and I have stuff to do go to the gym which I have neglected this week big time. It's supposed to rain all weekend.

Then tomorrow night my first sanctioned photography session. Woot! I'm seriously stoked and hope I get some decent photos from it! I would hate that my photos don't come out nicely and I went and got myself a press pass.

Sigh. So with a smile on my face for all I have to look forward to this weekend, I return to my work. Dealing with the Canadian government makes me want to bang my head against the desk, shaking my hands at the gods in frustration that these dudes get so much of my tax money to be complete and utter useless hand not knowing what the other is up to. And we trust these people with our air security!


Technodoll said...

Isn't it also fry-day, meaning poutine for lunch?


being good sucks ass.

myself said...

Oh...I so wish it meant poutine....but *I* really can't risk that. have a ways to go til you're me! Quite a ways!

Technodoll said...

And I still haven't had my damn poutine... this weather is driving me batshit!


Hope you're having a better time coping with it than I am...

myself said...

I love air conditioning.

I have nothing more to say.

It would take too much energy.