Saturday, June 14, 2008

and another thing

Ok it's Saturday. I have all these plans for today.

Not least of which is a personal training session. Oh yay, had to cancel Monday due to not being able to put my bra on. Yeah. Bra is a good idea.

The boxes of furniture in the house will today actually become furniture. That's my goal....we'll see if that happens or not, I need to find my screwdriver from the last time I got furniture....what in HELL I did with it I can't tell you.

Saw Sex and the City last night, and just sayin', I need a pair of Manolos. Why? Just cuz. There was a sparkly pair that just made my heart sing.

I know, I'm strange.

As for hearts singing, didn't hear from HH yesterday except an email from work. Hrmmmm. This better not be the beginning of something I don't like!

Except he knew I was out for the evening with the girls. Duh. I guess after every day for 2 weeks I've gotten used to it. Bad bad girl.

He better come out tonight. My imagination has been going wild.

So I should go downstairs and begin on the laundry, my favorite thing to do (not), but if I insist on wearing white and being the klutziest messiest woman around, I better get cracking (I'd also like to wear my white peasant skirt out tonight!).

No rest for the wicked. And boy, I can be wicked!

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